Watch: CNN Jumps Dozens of Sharks on Latest Kavanaugh Theory

You kind of expect at least some serious hackery from news outlets when it comes to the partisan angle the media tends to adopt, but sometimes it goes into territory that you can’t wrap your head around.


CNN has no problem wandering into absurd territory from time to time, and given its propensity for this, it’s no longer shocking but it never ceases to amaze. This latest example being a great one.

While discussing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the latest story of him throwing ice at someone in a bar, Alisyn Camerota made the claim that — and I’m not kidding here — the fact that Kavanaugh threw ice at someone further lends credence to the idea that he would sexually assault someone.

Directly after John Avlon waved away the ice throwing as a mere distraction — because it is — Camerota chimed in with this:

“I disagree. I think it’s part and parcel of the entire thing. I think that if you are known as a belligerent, mean, fighting drunk that’s relevant. I think that it’s relevant to then a woman who says that you would corner her and put your hand over her mouth, somehow that, I think, makes more sense than if you were just a fun drunk who always fell right asleep. Okay. So I think that it is relevant.”

To translate, Camarota is suggesting that because Kavanaugh threw ice cubes at someone while at a bar, that this could easily translate to the judge being an attempted rapist because it indicates him having a bad temper.


Meanwhile, no one can find a credible witness that can attest to Kavanaugh being a mean person on, or off the sauce, yet we have dozens of witnesses coming forward to attest to his good character.

This is character assassination by conjecture, which describes this entire circus around Kavanaugh, to begin with. There is no evidence to suggest Kavanaugh is a bad person, yet Camarota can suggest on live television that Kavanaugh would sexually assault someone because he threw some ice once because it helps along the narrative she’s chosen to believe in spite of the lack of proof.

I’d say CNN has sunk to a new low, but this is part and parcel for this network.



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