Kanye West Is the Most Dangerous Cultural Figure in America (for Democrats)

Kanye West, left, Big Sean, and John Legend accept the award for video with a social message for “One Man Can Change the World” at the MTV Video Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater on Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

I take back a lot of what I said when Kanye West first came out as a Trump supporter. He’s really stuck to his guns, leading me to believe that this isn’t just a publicity stunt meant to sell an album.


Kanye continues to put his image right into harm’s way by continuously spilling inconvenient truths about our society and how we’ve gotten so muddled in our political process that we’ve actually begun labeling one another as monsters, especially those in leadership positions.

Case in point, as Kira Davis pointed out, Kanye told the Saturday Night Live audience that they’re consistently hearing only one side of the argument thanks to a media primarily owned by one ideology and that they bullied him backstage about his MAGA hat. He then went on to talk about coming together and listening more to love than hate. It was a great moment.

Too bad nobody saw it, because the media that Kanye claimed was owned by the left did exactly what a media owned by the left would do. They cut him off. The only reason his SNL speech got out was due to several people who were present recording it through their phones. The Streisand Effect took place anyway, and Kanye’s rant went viral.

It’s sad that it came to that, but Kanye’s words are dangerous if you’re looking to keep an ideology at the top of the cultural hierarchy. Kanye, a man who once said that “George Bush hates black people” after hurricane Katrina, is proof that opening up your mind and listening to what other people have to say can lead to some serious wisdom.


This wisdom is not what Democrats want infecting the populace.

For the left, the silencing of anyone who runs afoul of their narrative is a knee-jerk reaction. An argument cannot be tolerated. It must be either painted as the ramblings of evil people, or it must be squelched through some other means. Monologues, not dialogues, are the order of the day, as dialogues are a conversation, and conversation may lead to understanding. Understanding leads to lack of fear. Lack of fear leads to a loss of power.

Kanye is trying to start a conversation. Kanye is threatening a cultural power structure.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Singer Lana Del Rey even told Kanye he was a threat to the culture in an Instagram post.

“Trump becoming our president was a loss for the country but your support of him is a loss for the culture,” Del Rey wrote. “I can only assume you relate to his personality on some level. Delusions of grandeur, extreme issues with narcissism — none of which would be a talking point if we weren’t speaking about the man leading our country.”

The culture Lana Del Rey is referring to, whether she knows it or not, is the protective bubble of narratives that keep the monologue going. It’s a culture of a homogeneous ideological standpoint that allows for a one-sided argument that can only survive in a vacuum. If that bubble collapses, and conversations begin, then the power structure is likely to collapse.


And Kanye is taking a bowie knife to that bubble.

The left is deplatforming Kanye, cutting him off, and denigrating him because if they don’t, then people might actually start to communicate, and the game is lost. So dangerous is Kanye to the leftist mentality at this time that politicians are suggesting Kanye have minders, and other rappers are actually placing death threats on him.

However, as Tyrion Lannister said in Game of Thrones, “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

The left definitely fears what Kanye has to say.


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