Support for Diane Feinstein Dropped Significantly In Her Own State of California

The Kavanaugh spectacle doesn’t seem to be playing well in Sen. Diane Feinstein’s favor in the Smurf-blue state of California.

According to Politico, Senatore Diane Feinstein, who’s been the conductor of this parade of partisan hackery against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, has watched her support fall by half in her race against her opponent, Sen. Kevin de León:


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has seen her advantage in her race against state Sen. Kevin de León chopped in half since July. But she still maintains a commanding, double-digit lead in her bid for a fifth full term, despite being the recent target of bipartisan criticism regarding her handling of sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

That’s according to a new poll released Wednesday night by the Public Policy Institute of California, which tracked the high-profile race between Feinstein, 85, and de León, 50, the progressive Democrat who authored California’s controversial “sanctuary state” bill. The survey showed Feinstein leading de León by 11 points among likely voters — 40 percent to 29 percent — with 8 percent still undecided.

While still robust, that margin over de León, who won the endorsement of the California Democratic Party’s executive board earlier this year, has shrunk markedly since July, when Feinstein led by a whopping 22 points — 46 to 24 percent.

While Politico highlights that it’s not remotely going to kill Feinstein’s chances, this is an interesting takeaway. Either voters in California aren’t very impressed with the progress Feinstein is making against Kavanaugh or watching her lead this witch hunt has left a bad taste in the mouths of Californians.


It’s more likely the former than the latter, and no matter what happens with Kavanaugh, Feinstein’s brand recognition is more than likely to keep her in office, especially given her tremendous lead. That said, if Democrats are reacting this negatively to Feinstein failing to keep Kavanaugh off the bench, then it will be interesting to see how Democrat voters react to the party as a whole for failing to keep the SCOTUS left friendly.

Food for thought.


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