Senator Lindsey Graham's Warning to Democrats About Their Behavior During the Kavanaugh Circus Is Chilling

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has been on fire lately, and his latest warning to Democrats is one they should be highly wary of.

Graham was interviewed by MSNBC directly after Ford’s hearing, and you could tell the South Carolina Republican was none too amused by the spectacle.


Graham first issued a warning to Republicans.

“If this becomes the new standard, 35-year-old claim that’s uncertain of time, place, date no corroboration – God help us as Republicans,” said Graham.

He then turned his attention to the Democrats with a dire warning.

“If this is the new norm, you better watch out for your nominees,” he said before marching off.

Graham is correct. Right now, the Democrats are setting a horrific standard where they can take a claim with minimal to no evidence and make it into a national spectacle. What’s more, the Democrats have lost any moral high ground by relating to these tactics and would not be able to defend their nominees from said attacks in the future as the Republicans have.


Mind you, this should not be happening at all, and it’s horrific that Democrats have sunk so low as to throw an innocent man to the wolves just to keep him from an appointment, but this is the world that they’re creating, and the one that Republicans will have to play in.


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