YouTube Demonetizes Dave Rubin Again, This Time for a Conversation With Parkland Survivor Cameron Kasky

YouTube’s Dave Rubin is one of the most watched interviewers on the site, and for a long time, was a highly respected member of the YouTube community.

However, this former member of The Young Turks lost his respect after he left the left. Rubin’s path took him further to the right, making him an enemy of the social justice left. He is now consistently attacked by the left, especially at college campuses.


Adding to Rubin’s difficulties is that the social justice left controls YouTube. Since then, Rubin has found his videos demonetized randomly and without explanation. What’s more, certain videos were demonetized if they bore messages that didn’t jibe with the left. For instance, Rubin conducted an experiment one day, making two videos, one that denounced capitalism and one that denounced socialism. The one denouncing capitalism was monetized and stayed that way. The one denouncing socialism was demonetized immediately.

The lesson was plain: Don’t create content that runs afoul of the hard left’s beliefs.

Rubin isn’t known for allowing content that’s mono-ideological. He wants to have a bevy of beliefs expressed on his show. He’s had many different kinds of people on, including NRATV’s Colion Noir, and YouTuber Sargon of Akkad, as well as Mark Duplass and Roseanne Barr.

His last guest was Parkland shooting survivor turned gun control activist Cameron Kasky. Rubin and Kasky had a very pleasant conversation about his experiences during and after the Parkland shooting. Kasky discussed how he has left the March for Our Lives group, and how he regrets the way he handled the political aspects of the movement.


Kasky’s denouncing of the way the March for Our Lives was handled, including making experts out of teenage victims, may have been a bit too far for YouTube.

Thus, YouTube punished Rubin by taking the money the video earned away. Rubin expressed his displeasure to YouTube publicly on Twitter.

“Hi @TeamYouTube, can you explain why my chat with Parkland shooting survivor @cameron_kasky was demonetized? (Confirmed by manual review.) Civil conversation about how to bridge the political divide. I know, I know, an error and you’ll monetize it now that it’s too late, right?” tweeted Rubin.

YouTube is known for punishing content creators for stepping out of bounds. Steven Crowder is no stranger to it himself, as he had a video taken down because it showed a prank being played on transgendered individuals. YouTube commentator Phillip DeFranco was also punished for making a video that highlighted well-known social justice advocate Annaliese Nielson for being horrible to a Lyft driver, and calling her the “douchebag of the day.”


That YouTube is punishing Rubin with demonetization because Kasky decided to relay his experiences that now run afoul to the harder parts of the left is just awful. Kasky hasn’t even renounced his positions on gun control but does believe that the media circus that enveloped the deaths of his fellow classmates was too much. If this is too much for YouTube’s sensibilities, then YouTube has a serious problem indeed, and James Damore was absolutely correct in his assessment of how people of right-of-center ideologies are treated.



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