CNN Brings On Friend of Kavanaugh's Accuser Who Admits Never Hearing About Alleged Kavanaugh Assault

(screenshot: Acosta Interview, CNN)

I’ve described CNN’s Jim Acosta in the past as more of an activist than a journalist.

And why wouldn’t I? Acosta beclowns himself repeatedly in his attempts at gotcha moments with President Donald Trump or Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.


It always ends in sadness…for Acosta anyway. For the rest of us, watching the smug White House correspondent fall figuratively flat on his face is somewhat refreshing.

On Wednesday, we got another such moment, when Acosta invited on a friend of Christine Blasey Ford’s, Samantha Guerry, to talk about Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Acosta and Guerry discussed first how this is an “agonizing period” for Ford and that she didn’t want to be the center of attention. She went on to claim that Ford would be forced to appear in public “in front of thousands of cameras and people,” which is false as Republicans offered her a private testimony. As the Daily Wire notes, Acosta did not bother to correct her.

Finally getting down to the meat of the interview, Acosta asked Guerry if she had heard anything from Ford about Kavanaugh’s sexual assault. The answer was “no.”

As transcribed by the Daily Wire:

Guerry: Absolutely, it’s not the first time I’ve heard anything like that in terms of the community of women I know, and not regarding him but —

Acosta: Those sorts of things went on?

Guerry: A lot … You know, one of the things that’s surprising to me as I’ve gotten involved in this in the last couple days is how many women of my class have come forward to me in this last few days and said, “I had similar experiences in high school,” and this hits me very deeply and it’s very —

ACOSTA: Not with Brett Kavanaugh, but with other boys?

GUERRY: Not with Brett Kavanaugh. But with other boys in our community, and we all feel that if we were in her shoes, we’d want to be taken seriously as well.


Swing and a miss, Acosta.

The best that a friend of Ford’s can muster is that she’s heard of it happening in that school. Not Kavanaugh doing it, but that it happens.

At this point, Democrats are wasting time and embarrassing themselves. Few believe the accusations, even among the HuffPo audience.


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