Record Low: Worries About Economic Health Not on America's Mind Much

America has some troubles on its mind, but a healthy economy has put concerns about the job market on the low end of the worry list.

In fact, so out of mind is the concern about our economy that it’s dipped into record lows according to Gallup:


A record-low 12% of Americans currently cite some aspect of the economy as the most important problem facing the U.S., down from 17% last month and one percentage point below the previous low of 13% recorded in May 1999. Mentions of the economy as the top problem reached 86% in February 2009, the highest in recent decades.

It continues:

The low number of mentions of economic issues as the nation’s most important problem mirrors Americans’ generally positive attitudes on other economic indicators. In the current September survey, 55% of Americans say the economy is getting better, among the highest proportions saying this since 2004. A near-record-high 64% say now is a good time to find a quality job; workers remain upbeat about their job security; and employee engagement is at record highs.

While Republicans can take a victory lap over this, one of the more pressing issues on the mind of Americans is “poor leadership” at 29 percent. If Republicans are going to take full advantage of these numbers, they’ll need to tie the good economy to Trump and the Republicans’ passage of the tax reform bill.


At this time, Democrats are attempting to blame good economic numbers on the decisions made during the Obama administration, a narrative that may very well help them during the midterm elections. If Republicans are going to counter this message, they need to begin acting now.


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