Democrat's Attacks on Kavanaugh Are About Protecting Abortion, Not Sexual Assault Victims

Let’s not play games here.

The whole reason Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is in the crosshairs of a sexual assault allegation, and a media circus is ensuing, is because the left is 100 percent focused on making sure their ability to abort children and profit from it goes uninterrupted. They can pretend it’s about honor and making sure an attempted rapist doesn’t get a seat on the highest court in the land, but the left cares very little about sexual assault or abuse.


You can ask Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison’s victim about that. If that doesn’t do it for you, try Juanita Broaddrick.

The panic set in the moment Trump even glanced in Kavanaugh’s direction, and you can bet that much of what the left is doing to Kavanaugh now was a plan they had up their sleeves for weeks. Feinstein admitted as much by stating that she had this accusation about Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct in her possession for some time and said nothing about it until it was time to confirm him.

From the beginning, we heard foot stomping echoing from D.C. from the likes of NARAL, who were angry with Kavanaugh for disagreeing with his fellow judges that an illegal alien teen shouldn’t be able to get an abortion while in the custody of the United States in the Garza v Hargan case.

Sen. Kamala Harris attempted to paint Kavanaugh as an ultra-pro-life advocate by putting words in his mouth about birth control being an abortion-inducing drug. Politifact and WaPo both came down on Harris for her lie, and when you’ve lost them, you know you screwed up.

Even an activist group that contained women pushing social justice causes — especially abortion — went so far as to fundraise over a million dollars in order to threaten Susan Collins with giving it to her next opponent if she doesn’t do what they say and vote “no” on Kavanaugh.


If this was about sexual assault for the Democrats, then Democrats would be scrambling across the board to defeat it wherever it rears its ugly head, but as evidenced by Ellison and Clinton’s victims, they’re not.

So far, everything points to the fact that Kavanaugh is the stand-up guy witnesses claim he is, and his accuser is lying. Even the witness she claimed was there at the party where Kavanaugh allegedly attempted to rape her not only says he wasn’t there at all, but that the kind of behavior being described by Democrats is completely uncharacteristic of Kavanaugh.

This 11th-hour introduction of these allegations, followed by both the Democrats’ and the accuser’s unwillingness to cooperate with Republicans to push the investigation forward tells us that they aren’t looking to discover the truth of what happened, but that they’re delaying this as much as they can.

They can wax poetic about how Democrats want to make sure a rapist doesn’t get onto the Supreme Court, but when the accuser can’t even name the date that this attempted rape supposedly happened, at a party that her witnesses say they weren’t even at, then it’s crystal clear what this is about.


This isn’t about some noble pursuit of turning away a sexual assaulter, this is about keeping the abortion industry safe. This is about Planned Parenthood’s ability to keep the money wheel flowing for the Democrats. This is about keeping a narrative alive that without abortion, America would fall apart.

Democrats are so desperate to keep abortion alive and well in the United States that they’re willing to paint an innocent man as the worst kind of person so that they can continue killing children without trouble.


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