CNN and MSNBC Clown Cory Booker for His Senate Renegade Act During the Kavanaugh Hearing

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey wants you to know that he’s a total rule breaker who will defy Senate rules for the American people by doing some very radical things like releasing unapproved emails that were previously approved for release that prove Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh isn’t a racist.


Booker has intentions to run for President, but he doesn’t want to straight up tell you that. He wants you to come to the conclusion that he should run for President first so that he can agree with your great idea. To get you there, Booker is going to put on a stage performance that he’s going to put you before his career.

His plan was simple. He’d pretend to release classified documents and “knowingly violate” Senate rules. He couldn’t remind the public that he was doing that enough.

Funny enough, as Streiff wrote yesterday, Booker later told everyone that he violated no Senate rules by releasing the documents, as the documents were pre-approved for release the night before. In other words, the entire thing was a mere show for the cameras and a moment for his future presidential campaign reel.


And all his grandstanding won him the affections of…well, nobody it seems. Not even CNN or MSNBC were buying his rebel shtick.

Here’s CNN’s Anderson Cooper calling Booker out for his nonsense.

And to add insult to injury, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes got his licks in on Booker too.

When you’ve lost CNN and MSNBC, it’s time to drop the renegade act. Booker tried to look like he was standing tall against the man, but really just ended up looking like a try-hard.


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