This Video From a Leftist Activist Group Proves How Hysterical the Left Is Over Brett Kavanaugh

Clip from the Mainers for Accountable Leadership video "Be a Hero"

The left is in full-on panic mode over the possible confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and is pulling out all the stops in order to stop his confirmation.

One such example comes from a group from Maine called Mainers for Accountable Leadership, which released a video that may contain some of the most sensationalist language yet seen from an activist group. 


Within the video, called “Be a Hero,” a group of women takes turns speaking into a camera as they address Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine). The main theme is that if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh, this group will do everything in their power to make sure Collins loses her upcoming reelection bid to whoever steps up to the plate to face her.

These women don’t just make the threat, they also try to appeal to the crowd with some pretty sensationalistic claims. For instance, one woman tells Collins that a confirmation vote for Kavanaugh is a vote to kill her. Another tells the camera that if Kavanaugh is confirmed, she could “instantly” suffer a loss of rights because she is of a “non-binary” gender.



How Kavanaugh could single-handedly kill someone with a pre-existing condition, or “instantly” take someone’s rights away is not explained, and I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an explanation either. The point isn’t to explain these claims. In fact, the point isn’t even to explain this situation to Collins. The point is to generate outrage and disseminate fear so that they can…

… all together now…

…raise funds.

Following the link in the tweet instantly takes you to a Crowdpac page with a fundraising goal of $500,000, and a letter that puts “dying father, Ady Barkan” front and center, just in case the women in the video weren’t enough to sway you with an emotional vote. As of this writing, the raised amount so far is just over $241 thousand.

Earlier today, I wrote that New Jersey’s Democratic State Committee sent out a fundraising email containing the same content Sen. Cory Booker had dished out during his statements at the confirmation hearing. The NJDSC’s email was also sensationalistic in nature and directed you straight to a donation page once you signed the petition to resist Kavanaugh.


It would appear that the hysterics around Kavanaugh are being used a tool to get money, making you wonder about many of the apocalyptic claims the Democrats are throwing around.

It would seem that the left’s play here is such:

Step 1: Create a crisis

Step 2: Don’t let said crisis go to waste

Step 3: Profit



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