Joe Scarborough: The Left Can't Stand to Have Views Questioned

Every now and again a blind squirrel finds a nut, a broken clock gets the time right, and someone on MSNBC says something that actually makes sense.

In this case, that someone was Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, who said on Tuesday that “Hollywood types” and leftists don’t have their views challenged as he was commenting on former White House Chief of Staff Steven Bannon being uninvited from an October festival held by The New Yorker.


“I think there’s a recurring problem that liberals have. And I’ve seen it my whole life — whether on college campuses or now late-night TV, certainly in most of American popular culture. They don’t get their basic views challenged,” said Scarborough.

“So what I would want to know as a conservative, if this were happening on the left, who is this person? I want to sit down. I want to challenge him or her and I want to defeat them with my ideas,” he added.

“Running and hiding — you’ll remember this. During the 2016 campaign, you’ll remember this Willie, if we even suggested that Donald Trump could win on this set the last three weeks, we were bombarded with angry tweets and ‘how dare you, you racist.’ Liberals can’t hide their heads in the sand anymore, and that’s what this is doing.”

“You need to listen to your opponents and learn from your opponents,” Scarborough concluded.

Scarborough is entirely correct. As has been demonstrated everywhere from college campuses and street protests to conversations on Twitter, attempting to engage the left in actual debate can cause them to do anything from deplatforming you to stop your speech, to engaging in actual violence.

This has caused some seriously lazy thinking by those on the left, as they will relegate their arguments to how racist someone is, or make attacks on someone’s intentions for the poor or the LGBT community. Actual policy decisions are rarely talked about, and original ideas are rarely exchanged.


This lack of having their ideas questioned has lead to the left becoming radicalized as they hear nothing but the sound of their own voice, and proceed to believe that everyone agrees with them. They give the loudest voices their attention, and the loudest voices are often times the most insane ones. However, with no dissenting voices allowed, these insane voices seem like the most popular ones.

If the left wants to pull back the reigns, they first have to be willing to sit down and be wrong. They have to be willing to lose debates. It’s not easy, and God knows I hate losing debates, but it’s good for you. It keeps you grounded, and your mind open.

I can’t believe I’m going to write this, but the left should listen to Scarborough…at least in this case.

(h/t: Daily Caller)


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