Antifa is a Domestic Terrorist Organization, and CNN's Defense of Them Is Inexcusable

How do I hate thee, Antifa? Let me count the ways.

If you don’t know what Antifa (Anti-fascist) is, they’re the black hoodie and bandanna bedecked middle class (mostly lily white) kids that are claiming to stand up to white supremacy, homophobia, misogyny, and fascism by showing up en masse to events or marches and — if they’re not intimidating people — are violently attacking people who slightly disagree with them.


But this doesn’t seem to bother CNN, which thinks that Antifa is somehow worth defending. As RedState’s Steiff has covered, host Don Lemon stood in the way of criticism of Antifa by declaring they were an “African-American organization”  — they’re not according to CNN’s own investigations — that only receives a bad rap because Trump supporters are racist.

Before that, Chris Cuomo was arguing that Antifa’s violence is better than the alt-right’s violence because Antifa’s violence is leftist.

CNN is known for sinking pretty low in order to push a narrative, but defending Antifa is a step that goes so far into no-no territory that it’s a wonder more people haven’t called them out, even from parts of the left. Simply put, Antifa is a domestic terrorist group, and not just because the Department of Homeland Security has classified them as such. Their own actions reek of “terrorism” without the official label.

Antifa is the very definition of an “angry mob.” Their ideas aren’t well thought out, and mostly all they know is what others have told them. What others have told them makes them very mad, and they’re going to take their anger out on innocent people for what they think is the greater good.


What’s the greater good? Communism! Antifa loves them some communism, and anyone who doesn’t supports fascism according to them.

But Antifa is more than just youngsters getting dropped off at the protest by their mom, and yelling at people. They want to hurt people, and I don’t mean just the random punch and kick. They want to stab and shoot people, as Steven Crowder discovered when he and his producer Jared went undercover and were handed deadly weapons.

Luckily, this Antifa cell in particular was stopped thanks to Crowder handing the footage over to the police. However, that’s just one cell in particular, and Antifa is a nationwide group. Weapons are not uncommon, as seen when one Antifa member utilized a bike lock to strike an unsuspecting Trump supporter in the head during what was known as the “battle of Berkeley” just last year.

In fact, it was after Antifa’s run in with Trump supporters at Berkeley that inspired them to pick up arms and combat training, as one user discussed on Reddit.

Antifa feels that any violence or destruction they engage in is completely justified because they’re doing it in the name of stopping fascism. That means if someone else’s property needs to be set on fire, or store windows need to be smashed, then the owners will just have to grin and bear it for the greater good.


This destruction and violence all has the aim of shutting down any kind of free speech or discussion of ideas if they don’t fall in line with whatever Antifa considers allowable, which is more or less everything that isn’t social justice driven. If they feel you’re a Nazi, alt-right, or a fascist, then you are one, proof be damned.

Benjamin Carl (aka Sargon of Akkad) is considered an alt-right figurehead by the left despite the fact that he’s proven to be a staunch opponent of the racism and illiberalism that the alt-right stands for. As such, when Sargon was set to speak at an event, Antifa attempted to violently storm the panel in order to stop it. It ended with Antifa being violently forced out by the very crowd they sought to intimidate.

Their definitions of who is a fascist/Nazi/alt-right member is incredibly racially based. If you’re a white person, you’re a problem. One Antifa group posted that anyone who is caught having a romantic relationship with a white person would be punished because — and I kid you not — it promotes racism.

These are just a few examples of how racist, ignorant, and evil Antifa is. They are the fascists they claim to fight against. They wouldn’t know that, however, because Antifa doesn’t seem to know what the definition of fascism is.


So we have a group that is violently motivated by hatred of race, and are ideologically driven to use force — deadly force if they can get away with it — to push their agenda.

The legal definition of terrorism is “the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property in order to coerce or intimidate a government or the civilianpopulation in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

Antifa fits this definition perfectly, and CNN is defending them.




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