Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reveals the Fragility of Feminism

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It wasn’t long ago that feminists were circulating the “#MasculinitySoFragile” hashtag around Twitter in an attempt to make the primary characteristic property of men seem incapable, inept, and weak. Don’t worry. We were told it was all in the name of equality.


(If you’d like to read up more about that, you can read my deconstruction of the 2015 hashtag here.)

But in terms of fragility, feminism has demonstrated time and again that it can’t withstand the slightest bit of pressure. Like a mouse, if it feels threatened it will retreat as fast as it can into the nearest safe space or attempt to evade its foe as best it can. Feminist positions, being weak and easily overcome, choose not to risk open verbal combat. Besides, as they have frequently told us, hearing opposing opinions is often too emotionally strenuous.

New York’s “Democratic Socialist” bartender turned politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently demonstrated this very thing when she was invited by DailyWire’s Ben Shapiro to appear on his show to debate her positions with a sweetened deal of Shapiro throwing $10k at her campaign or charity of her choice.

Ocasio-Cortez’s response was a flat-out no and equated Shapiro’s civil invite for a debate to the sexist action of catcalling. She said Shapiro felt entitled, and what’s more, had bad intentions.

“Just like catcalling, I don’t owe a response to unsolicited requests from men with bad intentions,” tweeted the supposed future of the Democratic party. “And also like catcalling, for some reason they feel entitled to one.”


It’s obvious to anyone that Ocasio-Cortez is masking her cowardice with a lazy feminist accusations of masculine entitlement, and nods to the “toxic masculinity” line of thinking. It’s obvious that Shapiro was not at all feeling entitled to a debate. He asked her please within the video and even offered to pay thousands of dollars for it. Furthermore, it’s odd to say Shapiro has “bad intentions.” He openly said he wants to be civil, and while he is looking to defeat Ocasio-Cortez’s ideological positions by presenting his and allowing them to be weighed and measured in the public square.

Ocasio-Cortez knows all this. She knows Shapiro isn’t being sexist, or feeling entitled. She likely knows he’d be very civil in an argument.

She also knows that Shapiro would destroy her.

(My colleague Alex Parker has done an excellent write-up on all of this.)

Not that she needs too much help. Ocasio-Cortez can’t seem to sit down in front of a camera without embarrassing herself completely. Even her latest comments about Nancy Pelosi were so awkward that Dana Loesch had the perfect comparison for what it came off as.


Ocasio-Cortez has repeatedly been given chances to demonstrate her leadership skills, her ability to convey and defend her positions, and at least come off as competent, but she can’t. Even when speaking with friendly media outlets, she can’t seem to present herself as anything but awkward, out of place, and inept.

Her reply to/attack on Shapiro is an admittance that she’s well aware of her shortcomings, and would rather not have to face one of the conservative movement’s champions in open debate. If she can’t explain her positions to people on her side, then there is little to no chance that she’ll be able to do so to an opponent in the head of the moment.

Instead, the mouse that is Ocasio-Cortez ran from Shapiro as fast as her accusations about Shapiro could move her, and she used tired feminist excuses to do it. By using these excuses in a clear and desperate attempt to dodge Shapiro’s request for open debate, Ocasio-Cortez exposed not only her own cowardice, but confirmed the cowardice of feminism.

Feminists pride themselves on being strong, independent, and able to withstand whatever life throws at them because of self-confidence and moral ethic. They claim to have intelligence and reason on their side. They believe that their understanding of the world is greater than those around them, and that they should and could lead us into a brighter future. In reality, this doesn’t describe feminists at all. They’re typically weak minded, willing to lash out at everyone who remotely angers them, unable to justify their hypocrisy despite oftentimes disgusting attempts to do so, overly combative so long as it’s behind a keyboard, and emotionally volatile when confronted in person.


If Ocasio-Cortez was what feminists present themselves to be, then she would have taken Shapiro up on his offer. Instead she did what feminists do. She went into full retreat, hurling accusations and insults as she ran.

Feminism so fragile.


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