The NRA Is Right Not to Defend NFL Player Marquez White for His Use of a Gun, and Here's Why

The anti-NRA crowd thinks they finally have their proof that the Second Amendment-defending organization is as racist as they hoped it to be. As usual, however, their shot at the heart of the NRA ended up being nothing but a dry fire.


As Raw Story puts it, NFL Dallas Cowboys Cornerback Marquez White was driving home when a racist white driver decided to give him trouble on the road. This caused White to flash his “legally owned gun”:

Cowboys Cornerback Marquez White was driving to his home in suburban Dallas when he says a white man got enraged and started screaming racial slurs at him. White claims the angry driver followed him home and appeared to be reaching for a weapon. White flashed his legally owned gun in response, he told his hometown paper the Dothan Eagle in Alabama.

Raw Story finishes the article by pointing out that the NRA hasn’t raised a pinky in White’s defense despite it being a pro-self defense organization.

“As of press time, the National Rifle Association, which valorizes the right to self-defense, has not come out in support of Marquez White’s right to bear arms,” noted Raw Story, before listing a lack of communication about it on Twitter.

Naturally, this has the race-baiters stomping their feet.


However, the NRA is completely correct not to back White in this case as, by White’s own description of the events, he broke the law.

From Raw Story:

“On the day of October 20th, 2017 I was involved in a road rage incident in which my life was threatened and resulted in me having to draw my weapon. I was getting off of highway 121 onto the access road near Tennyson Parkway in Plano, TX where I was met by an aggressive driver. I was trying to get over to avoid running into the wall where the lanes merge, but he then increased speed forcing me to make the decision to either run into the wall or cut him off.”

“I eventually made my way in front of him and he proceeded to ride very closely and aggressively on my tail. I hit the brakes to get him off of me and could then see him becoming very angry in my rear view mirror. He then sped up again and I hit my brakes again and after this time he pulled over to my driver side while still driving and proceeded to yell racial slurs such as the ‘N’ word while also threatening to kill me. Simultaneously while doing this he began to reach towards his glove box and that is when I flashed my weapon. He then hit the brakes, got behind me, and proceeded to follow me to my house. Upon arriving at my house I exited my car and went into my home as he sat outside and contacted the authorities.”


I won’t come down on White for having to get over before he ran into the wall, and having to cut somebody off in order to do it. Some idiots out there want to get ahead of you when you put on your blinker instead of letting you merge like normal human beings should. That happens from time to time.

Where he did go wrong, however, was brake-checking the guy while he was driving close behind him. That’s considered reckless endangerment and is illegal to do.

Where White loses the NRA is, while on the road, White picked up his gun and showed it to the other driver. This is what’s known as “brandishing,” and it’s highly illegal.

“Brandishing” is when you illegally display your firearm in a way to make the person you’re showing it feel threatened. In White’s case, this is exactly what he was doing. He wanted the other driver to fear that White would use his firearm on him.

White was indicted on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as per Texas penal code 22.02.

And it’s here that the NRA has removed itself from the side of White. Had White kept his hands off his gun until the exact moment he needed it, the NRA would have taken a stand for him. However, White used his gun illegally, and thus the NRA can’t stand beside him on both policy and principle.


The NRA is all about self-defense and the bearing of arms but is very strict when it comes to its stances on how firearms are utilized. If you use a gun improperly or illegally, then don’t be surprised when the NRA doesn’t support you. It can’t.

So what we have here isn’t a case of racism on the part of the NRA, which is an easily disproven charge on any given day. What we have here is an open and shut case of illegal use of a weapon.



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