The Left's Awkwardly Weak Attacks on Brett Kavanaugh Expose Their Desperation Against Trump

Not since the playground have attacks on an individual been so devastating, but in the case of President Donald Trump’s SCOTUS nomination, Brett Kavanaugh, the blows are almost too horrid to even write about here.


There’s a lot to not like about Kavanaugh as far as the left is concerned. For one, he doesn’t want to force Christians to give up their taxpayer dollars to fund abortion.

He’s also very big on the Second Amendment, arguably the most hated Constitutional right by the left. As Ben Shapiro details on his podcast, Kavanaugh has a record of wanting bans on “assault weapons” to be tossed to the curb where these kinds of bans belong.

But while Kavanaugh has his flaws (his squishiness when it comes to the Fourth Amendment has me none too pleased, but I’ll discuss that in a later article) the left has chosen to focus on Kavanaugh’s weakest point. With pinpoint accuracy, the left took aim at the SCOTUS pick’s Achilles heel and let loose with a devastating arrow.

Their hard-hitting point?

His name is Brett.

First, the abortion advocacy group NARAL declared that they would be damned — DAMNED I say! — if five men, including “some frat boy named Brett” take their hard-earned abortion away.


The fact that seven men gave them Roe v. Wade aside, this massive blow to Kavanaugh has no doubt left him, the right, and Trump staggering back on their collective heels.

But just to make sure that one good punch was followed by another, late night host Steven Colbert followed up with an open palm strike to Kavanaugh’s first name as well.

I can already see Kavanaugh’s future going down in flames.

Or at least I would if this line of attack wasn’t so ridiculously weak. Highlighting the fact that his name is Brett isn’t really putting the hurt on and is really only insulting to the millions of people out there named “Brett.”

The truth is that the left knows little about Kavanaugh and, having very little to work with, they resort to name calling Kavanaugh…by his actual name. I realize the need to have something on hand to react with whenever that ol’ Trump Derangement Syndrome starts actin’ up, but when the best you can come up with is “his name is Brett, hahahaha!” then maybe you should just kind of let that one go.

The problem is that the left absolutely has to react in this day and age…or at least they feel they have to.

Part of the strategy for the left is that anything a Republican they don’t like does has to be accompanied with negative commentary. Keeping the pressure on, at least to them, really makes it seem like everything Trump does is somehow disreputable, ridiculous, and stupid.


What ends up happening from time to time is that the left overplays this, and ends up looking disreputable, ridiculous, and stupid themselves. This has been happening more and more, especially in the age of Trump, where just breathing out of his left nostril will send the mainstream left into fits of “resistance.”

While I’d advise the left to think up better battle strategies, I’m really happy about the fact that they’re so intent on striking the right with whatever blow they can muster, even if it’s a weak one. It’s a sign of pure desperation to attack a man’s first name, especially when that first name is a typical one.


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