Chris Pratt's Existence Is More Important Than You May Realize

Jurrasic World and Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt has all the charm, wit, and looks necessary to be a Hollywood A-lister, but he has something more than most other Hollywood actors do.


Simply put, it’s bravery.

Few actors have the guts to stand on a stage and talk openly about, not just the existence of, but the necessity of God and prayer, which he did quite bravely during Monday’s MTV Movie Awards. What’s even more satisfying, is the fact that the audience of actors, producers, and directors cheered loudly when he said this.

This isn’t the first time he’s done it either. When Director Kevin Smith suffered a heart attack, Pratt attempted to lead his followers into praying for Smith, resulting in backlash for Pratt suggesting God can help. This resulted in Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn coming to Pratt’s defense, and speak highly of prayer himself.

But Pratt’s bravery doesn’t stop with his bold Christianity. He’s a farmer who openly talks about raising and eating livestock. He posts videos of himself teaching his son the pledge of allegiance and espouses the importance of America and those who died to help us keep it.

It goes without saying, but Pratt does not fit the Hollywood mold. He’s something different that is both classic and fresh at the same time.

In other words, Pratt’s bravery makes him a new idea for Hollywood.

And for Hollywood, this is an amazing development. Ideas that break with Hollywood’s leftist consensus are typically rejected out of hand, and that’s where it will stop if you’re lucky. Many actors have been blacklisted for professing attitudes and sentiments that don’t follow the, too often, hard leftist view.


As I wrote in detail in April, the mainstream media is demonstrably changing in its attitudes toward various concepts. We saw a pro-gun message with the movie Death Wish, The Simpsons took a stand against social justice warriors, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker openly declared their Republicanism. Pair that with the fact that Hollywood seems to have learned that the majority of its audience are middle-of-the-road to right-leaning Americans with the revival of Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing.

But shining brightest is Pratt, who espouses classic American ideals, is a proud and open Christian, and yet finds himself in major Hollywood films as the lead. Could Pratt have been this open and accomplished this level of fame 15 or 20 years ago? I doubt it.

For years, much of America has been rolling its eyes or reacting in anger toward the Hollywood elite’s constant rejection of American values in favor of leftist stances and social justice virtue signaling. Those that invest in using their platform for political reasons are seeing a marked decrease in viewership, be it the NFL or Hollywood award ceremonies.

For Hollywood, Pratt is one of the best things they could have asked for. Pratt is a good man all around who represents people that are too often looked down upon in mainstream circles. We go to movies and watch television shows because we know he’ll be in them. We know that whatever comes out of his mouth will make us laugh or beam with pride, and more importantly, it will be real and honest.


Pratt is the open door for Hollywood. The avenue for a better connection with American audiences with new ideas to take root and new stories to tell.

I’m not saying that Pratt is a perfect representation of everything in America. He may disagree with me or you on quite a bit. But that’s okay. The point isn’t that Pratt fulfills a list of requirements to be appreciated. It’s that he appreciates what should be appreciated, is grateful for it, and thanks who provide it openly for it, be it our veterans or our God.

Because of Pratt, Hollywood may become something to be proud of again.


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