The Left: "Racism Trumps the Abuse of Women, and It's Okay to be Sexist or Racist if Someone Else Was First"

Or at least that’s the impression I’m getting from the left.

I’ve spent the last couple of hours on Twitter trying to nail down a serious discrepancy in the left’s logic when it comes to racism and sexism, and the only conclusion I can come to is that apparently, sexism isn’t important in the face of racism, and that being both is fine if someone they don’t like was sexist, or racist first.


This entire thing started with Roseanne Barr making the racist comment she did against former Obama AG Valerie Jarrett. It was an undeniably racist comment that no one should have been surprised that Barr had made. She’s been making them for a long time, and no one said a word about it until relatively recently when she suddenly became a Trump fan.

Fast forward to Wednesday night, and TBS’s Samantha Bee of “Full Frontal” fame calls Ivanka Trump a “feckless c*nt” after posting a picture of herself having a tender moment with her child…mostly because Bee doesn’t like Ivanka’s father, the President.

Suddenly, as I wrote earlier, the goal posts couldn’t move fast enough. Being a completely vile person was suddenly fine.

So let’s break this down:

The left is saying that it’s okay to make vile sexist comments to another woman because someone completely unrelated to the woman said something racist previously.

But it goes further. Some on the left that I spoke to seem to come to Bee’s defense by saying that her sexist comments have nothing on racist comments?

Okay, so now we have two declarations. One, that all bets are off on the “isms” if someone unrelated engaged in an “ism” previously. The second is that being racist is far worse than being sexist.


This is something I seriously think the left should get their house in order about. I’ve been told ad nauseam that women are the number one victims in America, and that sexism, misogyny, and the patriarchy are to blame for every ill that befalls women ever. Now I have the left telling me that being cruel to women is okay if someone else said something racist before?

It’s okay to — according to what I’ve heard from the left — promote hate speech against women that they say will inevitably lead to harm if someone said something that demeans a minority?

Are these the rules of our society? That is, are these rules of our society assuming everyone has to follow the same rules?

I want to be clear. I know the left, especially of the social justice variety, has a shifting gauge as to what is and isn’t “lidurully Hitler.” I see racism and sexism from the social justice left pretty much every other hour. This is odd, given that this is the same crowd that goes on to tell me that speech inevitably leads to violence.

What I want is to get an honest-to-God answer from the left as to what it considers horrid. As I’ve written previously, either sexism is bad or it isn’t. Either racism is inexcusable, or it isn’t. The rules have to apply to everyone, no exceptions. It doesn’t matter your status.


These are the questions I’d like to see answered from the left:

If sexism does lead to violence against women, then why is it okay to be sexist toward Ivanka after going ham on Barr?

Why is racism greater than sexism?

Why is sexism toward a woman on the right okay, but not sexism toward a woman on the left? Isn’t all violence against women bad? Doesn’t any sexism, no matter who it’s directed toward, normalize it in our society?

There seems to be a disconnect between what the left preaches and what it practices. I’d sincerely like this cleared up.



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