Joy Ann Reid Is Being Eaten Alive by the Social Justice Left She Helped Create (Let This Be a Lesson to All Leftists)

That the left believes they are somehow above the rules that society sets for them is actually nothing new.

If you analyze today’s social justice warriors in any capacity, you’ll see that they openly set rules for others to play by in terms of how race, sex, gender, class, disabilities, women, etc, etc, etc, should be treated. However, ten minutes into a conversation with one, and you’ll find that they feel no compulsion to follow the same set of principles they made for others.


Racism is fine so long as it’s against whites or a lighter shade of skin regardless of race. Sexism is good if it’s men who are on the receiving end. If you’re a combination of those, you’re just flat out not allowed to speak, and so on, and so on.

Leftist celebrities and news figures also suffer from this. Any joke out of a right-leaning person in regards to race, sex, religion, etc, will automatically elicit calls for that person’s figurative — sometimes literal — head on a silver platter. However, when Stephen Colbert makes a gay joke, Amy Schumer makes a sexist joke, or Chris Rock “jokes” that he literally wants to see more white kids shot, all you’ll get is crickets from the media at large.

This gives leftists the idea that they have a societal carte blanche where they can say and do anything with the blessing of the mainstream culture. So long as you subscribe to the approved ideology, you have the freedom to be as funny as you want…

Until lately, that is.

Once 2010 hit, the rise of the social justice warrior somewhat changed the game on the left and that game became the “Oppression Olympics.” Within the oppression Olympics, the gold, silver, and bronze are already predetermined, and your performance is judged on how well you lose to them. This is the primary system by which the left, and thus mainstream society, governs itself now.

Joy Ann Reid is currently being eaten alive by those she considered to be on her side because she dared to make comments that insulted those on a higher podium than her. She misjudged her importance, which apparently is very high in her eyes. However, Reid is a perfect example of someone who thought she was free of the societal standards she and her fellow leftists implemented for everyone but found too late that the social justice culture she helped create has formed another set of rules right under her.


Reid, a straight “cis” woman of color with no handicaps, is no longer at the top of the leftist food chain.

And she apparently can’t seem to handle it. Despite the fact that it’s very clear that she’s guilty of using homosexual and transgender phrases to insult others, Reid is acting like it was the doing of some unnamed hackers who have the ability to infiltrate government archives and make her look bad. It seems that Reid believes she deserves to be innocent, even if her excuse is clearly a lie. This blatant lying isn’t surprising either, as the left blatantly lies about their own activities to remain societal paragons, and the media was only too happy to help keep that delusion up.

But no more. Reid helped create the Oppression Olympics, and now she must play the game with all the other losers. These are the rules they have to play by now.

When you put identity victims as the arbiters of societal morality you set up a monarchy where only those who can be the most victimized can wear the crown, and everyone else is a subject. That means that if you step out of line even a little, you’re punished for it. It doesn’t even matter if you’re innocent. If the royal class feels like you wronged them, then you wronged them and you must apologize. It doesn’t matter who you are.

Reid either needs to do one of two things. She should either fess up to her comments and apologize, hoping that the good graces of her self-appointed betters will be merciful…



Leave the Oppression Olympics altogether and deny them their sovereignty over her. This would mean not holding her race, sex, or anything else above others as an argument against their ideas.

It’s more likely that she’ll end up doing the former than the latter, but Reid’s story should be a lesson to all leftists. You are subjects. You answer, not to yourselves, but those who you have elevated in status in order to get one up on your enemies. This is the monster you created, and you had better be prepared to be eaten by it.


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