Twitter Claims They "Accidentally" Shadowbanned a Conservative Journalist

Twitter Claims They "Accidentally" Shadowbanned a Conservative Journalist

I’m beginning to lose track of how many times I’ve had to write an article about the social media giants’ bias against conservatives. Here’s one more for the pile.

According to Independent Journal Review editor Caleb Hull, he had noticed that no one was seeing his activity on Twitter and guessed rightly that he has been “shadowbanned.”

In the online world, a shadowban is when the moderators of a social media site restrict who can see your posts or material without telling you they had done so. You’ll go on posting freely, but you may have noticed your interactions and reach greatly diminished.

Hull had noticed this was happening to him and thus reached out to Twitter. They responded by telling him that he was indeed shadowbanned, but it was a complete accident.

Oddly enough, this was a tactic Twitter denied ever using. However, a sting video by James O’Keefe shows Twitter programmers saying they do just that.

According to Hull, they’re now openly admitting to doing it now, likely thanks to the video blowing their cover.

I wish we could take Twitter at their word that Hull’s shadowbanning was wholly accidental, but looking back at Twitter’s history of biased actions against its users, I’m not sure that Hull’s shadowban was an accident.


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