There Is Hope in Hollywood: Rob Lowe Explains Roseanne's Success and Tinseltown Could Stand to Listen

The success of the reboot of “Roseanne” has brought with it some serious conversations and debates as to whether or not it passes the conservative smell test, but underneath all the arguments currently happening is a simple fact that the right has been featured prominently on screen.


Many on the right feel it doesn’t represent conservatives accurately, and they have legitimate points to that effect. Many others are just excited to see the Trump voting public cast in a light that’s not villainous, and they too have a solid reason to feel that way. Not since Last Man Standing have we had a show that really casts the right-leaning nuclear family in a friendly light.

But while Roseanne Barr is no Tim Allen, the idea that we’re currently witnessing the success of a show that holds up the right as not nefarious is something that should be smiled about. Hollywood, for the longest time, has been a place where the right isn’t just disliked, they are openly hated to the point of absurdity.

With the success of shows that have right-leaning values, the people are teaching Hollywood that bringing everyone to the table results in more eyes. More importantly, it shows that disagreement doesn’t have to equal hate, and that not sharing the same stances on certain issues doesn’t mean we can’t be close friends, or loving family members.

This was best put by Rob Lowe, who seems to really get the idea that diversity of thought mixed with displays of love really do make the difference.


The culture war has been a very long, hard battle, but more and more we see movies that celebrate things that many on the right hold dear. Be it our military, to our comedy, the right is certainly making inroads. Roseanne might actually be the least of these examples, but it is one nonetheless.

It’s my hope that more people in Hollywood come to understand what Lowe does, and drops their prejudices and biases enough to see fresh perspectives brought to the table in more than just small increments.

We still have a long way to go, but who knows? Maybe Hollywood will be exceedingly good again.



… But seriously, bring back Last Man Standing.


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