These Two Voices Won't be Heard at the March for Our Lives Event, but By God, They Should Be

There’s a lot happening at the March for Our Lives event in D.C. right now. Some of it very moving and extraordinary, and some of it just silly and even hateful toward people who don’t deserve it.


But while you’ll see a bevy of speakers shuffled in front of microphones to give all sorts of speeches, you’ll notice that a lot of them are very one sided. The slant against firearms is very prevalent at the march, and we can expect no different from an event being put on by the groups behind it, such as Everytown, Mom’s Demand, Giffords, and others.

And the fact that only a few select voices will be heard is tragic, seeing as how the voices that are left out have some very important things to say.

Excluded from being given a platform is Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv. For those unfamiliar with Kashuv, he has been meeting with politicians to make change happen within the schools to make them safer. Not by taking away or restricting the rights of others, but by allowing schools to take the necessary precautions to see to it that atrocities like the Parkland shooting never happen again.

This has sadly earned him the ire of his fellow students in the mainstream spotlight such as David Hogg and Cameron Kasky, and saw him rejected from the narrative the groups shepherding these kids around would like to push.


But the Daily Caller is not ignoring voices like Kashuv’s. In fact, they’re displaying them proudly. This also includes Andrew Pollack, a father who lost his daughter after the Parkland shooter (whom I will not give the pleasure of spreading his name to the world) shot her nine times while she attempted to shield a younger student.

As both Pollack and Kashuv point out, the problem that lead to the Parkland shooting isn’t with the guns. The problem lies with the law enforcement agencies on both the local and federal level who didn’t do the job they were supposed to. It lies with the cowardly deputy who waited outside the door while the shooter killed 17 people.

Watch the heart breaking story told by a heartbroken father, and the student who’s realistically working to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Sadly, two voices you won’t hear in D.C. today.



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