Tucker Carlson SAVAGED CNN President Jeff Zucker Over His Claim That Fox News Is State-Run Media

CNN President Jeff Zucker sat on a stage in New York City where he proceeded to call Fox News a “state-run” news network that pushes “propaganda” to the masses.


As I wrote in detail on Thursday, this is a pretty hysterical claim, seeing as how CNN is a network rife with leftist propaganda, as evidenced by the ridiculous antics it gets up to against anything right-leaning, including their Parkland “town hall” and their blatant lie about Ted Cruz refusing to appear on their network after the shooting.

But Tucker Carlson also addressed Zucker’s claim during his show on Thursday night and with some very devastating revelations. As it turns out, CNN and Zucker are far more guilty of being “state-run” “propaganda” machine than Fox News could ever dream to be.

As it turns out, Zucker and CNN are in bed with the Turkish government to the extent that CNN is literally the state-run media channel in Turkey, obeying Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s command.

Not only did CNN Turk, the Turkish branch of CNN, blame an American professor for attempting to stage a failed coup against Erdogan, with zero evidence to back up this claim. According to Carlson, this is just one of the many anti-American conspiracy claims that CNN helps to circulate from its Turkish network.


As Carlson explains, sometimes Zucker’s network helps out by not reporting the news at all. This is evidenced by the fact that in 2013, 8,000 pro-Democracy protesters were injured protesting Erdogan’s government. Instead of CNN covering the injured protesters fighting for freedom, Zucker’s Turkish CNN branch aired a documentary on penguins instead.

Zucker and CNN are more than just liars, they’re actively supporting an oppressive government by reporting only what that oppressive government deems necessary to report.

And Zucker calls Fox News propagandist and “state-run.” That’s rich.


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