WHOA! Obama Campaign Manager Admits Facebook Sided with Obama in 2012 and Allowed MASSIVE Data Mining

If you still felt sketchy about social media companies leaning left so hard they fall into activist territory, then buckle up. This bombshell should blow apart any doubt.


According to a recent discovery first reported on by IJR, Carol Davidson, former director of integration and media analytics for Obama for America, said Facebook found out that the campaign was utilizing Facebook in such a way that it was data mining user data by “sucking out the whole social graph.”

Essentially, this came in the form of a Facebook application that once signed up to would allow the Obama campaign to look at the user’s friend list. The campaign could then use that info to append their email list. They called this “targeted sharing.”

Facebook apparently became aware of the Obama campaign’s activity. Davidsen says they were “surprised” at the campaign’s actions, however, she says that Facebook representatives came to the campaign office and told them that they could continue to do it because Facebook was on Obama’s side.


Davidsen admits that while OFA technically didn’t break any rules, the action on OFA’s part still felt dirty.

She’s also sure that Facebook did the same for the other side, though IJR has yet to receive any confirmation from the Romney campaign.

Whether or not Facebook did allow data mining for Republicans, their willingness to sit back and allow the Obama campaign to gather information about their users in order to target them for potential votes is bad. What’s worse is the fact that they did so just because they fell in line with the campaign itself.

The question now is just how much is a social media network willing to allow a campaign, activist group, or politician to get away with due to the fact that they line up politically or ideologically.


But more frightening than that. If Davidsen’s guess as to whether or not they were allowing the same to happen on the Republican end proves to be wrong, then it’s scary to think that elections are being meddled in by the very corporations who have proclaimed they will fight it tooth and nail.

What we have here is an admission from a Democratic campaign manager that the most powerful social media platform in the first world is currently lending its untold amounts of data to a specific political party’s purposes.

This is a startling revelation, and one that only exacerbates fears and adds to the mounting proof that these companies that serve as the gatekeepers for news and thought really are in the tank for a specific party. If that’s the case, then we have way more to fear than just Russia.


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