Anti-Gun Organization "Everytown" Continues Its Long, Proud Tradition of Clowning Itself

Often, the problem with blind fear is that you don’t see the truth right in front of you.

Anyone who has been around guns for longer than five minutes can poke holes in many of the claims organizations like Everytown or Moms Demand make about firearms, firearm laws, and gun owners.


There’s been some debate at the bar booth about whether or not they’re ignorant, or lying on purpose. There’s reason to suggest both, but looking at some of the things they do and say, ignorance seems more likely.

Take a recent embarrassing tweet from Everytown which promoted an equally embarrassing article from Newsweek about how teachers shouldn’t be armed because their racism may cause them to shoot black children. No, that’s not a joke and you can read the article here. The article is full of inaccuracies and racist assumptions, which is bad enough. However, the image they use for the article stops you from taking anything said within seriously.

Study it carefully.

See it?

The bullet is loaded into the magazine backward.

Let’s recap.

Newsweek releases an op-ed declaring that arming teachers is dangerous because somehow it will lead to black children getting shot, since black children are sent to detention or suspended more than white children. Somehow, sending black children to detention when they step out of line is step one on the path to shooting them. Three referrals to the principle, and it’s apparently open season.


I should note the Newsweek article uses stats and figures from Everytown, which are consistently debunked, sometimes even by left leaning sources.

Then a person or persons at Everytown saw this article and decided to push this tripe to the public on Twitter, not noticing the fact that the image contained the error in how the magazine was being loaded. Rest assured, the error was noticed by gun enthusiasts, and they let the organization know what just how dumb this looks.

They still haven’t deleted it, and I’m not sure they will. Everytown does not blanch in the face of factual errors. Better to not acknowledge the foul-up and spread the message, hoping the lie gets around the world before the truth has a chance to show people how to load a magazine properly.

This is another drop in the bucket as to why Everytown should not be looked to as a legitimate source for all things anti-gun. If you have arguments against gun ownership, or advocacy for the restriction of American’s Second Amendment rights, then fine. State them, and they will be dealt with.

But at least have a working knowledge of the thing you’re talking about.


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