Hillary Clinton's Bitterness is Causing the Democrats to Openly Recognize Her as the Liability She Is

Funny enough, I appeared on NRA TV on Wednesday to discuss an article I had written about the dangers Hillary Clinton and her bitterness pose to the left. On the show, I mused on how I hope the left continues to hold Hillary Clinton up as one of their leaders, due to the fact that she exemplifies the left’s entitlement to power and their true feelings toward the average American in what they coastals call “flyover country.”


But it would appear the left is as fully aware as the right is of the fact that Clinton’s behavior is approaching nightmare levels of bad PR for the Democratic party.

Just to quickly recap, Clinton has blamed everyone and everything under the stars for her failure to win the 2016 election. Recently, at a talk in India, Clinton included women who apparently can’t think for themselves because of men, or something, and flyover America who is backward, racist, etc.

Clinton, in her anger, is ripping back the curtain and exposing the elitism that the left is filthy with.

And this is making the left very angry, as The Hill has highlighted in interviews with several Democratic operatives:

“Good God, what is she doing?” one longtime aide wondered after watching Clinton at the Recode conference in California on Wednesday. “She’s apparently still really, really angry. I mean, we all are. The election was stolen from her, and that’s how she feels.

“But to go out there publicly again and again and talk about it? And then blame the DNC?” the aide wondered. “It’s not helpful to Democrats. It’s not helpful to the country, and I don’t think it’s helpful to her.”



“If she is trying to come across as the leader of the angry movement of what happened in 2016, then she’s achieving it,” said one former senior aide to Obama. “But part of the problem she had was she didn’t have a vision for the Democratic Party, and she needs to now take a break and let others come to the forefront.”


“I’m not sure there is a political strategy here,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon. “It sounds to me like more of a personal strategy.

“Complaining about an outcome and blaming everyone else is not a good political strategy,” Bannon added.

Jamal Simmons, a Democratic strategist, acknowledged some frustration among Democrats over Clinton’s remarks.

“Some people I know are just frustrated that it’s happening,” he said. “She is a national hero and a great public servant and has the right to be upset.”

But Simmons added that if she’s going to discuss the loss, “it would be nice to hear a little more about the things she did wrong, which I believe mattered more than what she has discussed.”

Clinton is, as she always has been, a liability to the Democratic party. She had her moment in the sun as the person with the most name recognition and establishment backing, but even then she was the worst person the DNC could have picked. She was painfully fake, mired in scandal, physically not well, and beyond unlikable.


As I said in the article detailing her attitude, Clinton has every right to be bitter. She had a lot of future ripped away from her very unsuspectingly. However, how she’s handling it isn’t just gross, it’s putting the DNC in a position they don’t want to be in, and that’s in the light of day.


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