Bernie Sanders Hilariously Wrecks the "Student Led" Anti-Gun March Narrative by Accident

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Vermont Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is the greatest troll Washington has ever seen, but when you’re that far on the left, you sort of abandon all self-awareness.


Sanders exemplified this when he decided to make an appearance at the D.C. “student-led” march against guns to speak to an adoring crowd. Sanders did all the typical things left-leaning politicians do in these situations. He spoke about unity, rattled off platitudes, half-baked talking points, and then allowed the cameras to soak up all the cheering and adoration aimed in their direction.

But the cameras also saw something absolutely hilarious about Sanders’ appearance. After rattling off about “the gun violence that is killing so many people,” Sanders waded into the crowd filled with hyperventilating fans accompanied by — PLOT TWIST — MEN WITH GUNS.

See for yourself.

The argument about the people guarding Sanders being police officers matters very little here. The point is that by appearing in a place where there is an element of danger guarded by people who are armed, Sanders just confirmed the point many gun rights activists have been making for years.


Guns prevent crime and protect those behind them.

There are a lot of stupid things you can point to as a reason not to take this march seriously. But this move by Sanders and his security team may have just wrecked the entire narrative.

Once again, Sanders proves to everyone why what he’s selling isn’t anything we should buy.

(h/t: Daily Caller)


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