I Don't Buy Joy Behar's Apology to Christians

Joy Behar has apologized for her remarks about Christians, but is she sincere?

As many of you are aware, The View host Joy Behar decided to put her dumb on full auto, and sprayed rounds at Vice President Mike Pence for his Christianity. The problem is that she hit the majority of America in the process when she essentially said Christianity was a mental illness.


Needless to say, Behar’s words were not well received, and she felt the full brunt of the Christian community’s anger. This includes that of Mike Pence, who essentially pointed out that while it doesn’t bother him as he gets attacked with cheap shots all the time, it bothered him that Behar was careless enough to insult millions of people just to get at him.

Behar didn’t seem to move on the issue, however, until another interesting piece of news popped up.

Oprah Winfrey, arguably the most powerful woman in America and number one on the Democrats presidential wish list, also believes in God, and practices her faith in much the same way Pence does.

Suddenly, Behar couldn’t apologize for her myopic mouth fast enough. I’ll let Kira Davis give you the details of her apology, as she covered them here, but the summary is that she apologized to Pence personally, then took his advice and apologized to Christians on The View.

I want to believe Behar’s apology is truthful and sincere, but I just can’t. For one, she didn’t seem concerned about Pence or Christian attitudes until Oprah counted herself among their ranks. Suddenly Behar is all about Christians. In fact, she revealed she is one herself!


This sudden acceptance is a stark break from her in the past, as not only was she venomous toward Christians when striking out at Pence, she previously compared Christians to the Taliban for being pro-life. To Behar, Christians are a political opponent…until she heard a voice from on high, and changed her heart as Oprah proclaimed from the heavens that they weren’t.

Understand that Behar’s entire MO is being uncharacteristically mean to people on the right. This is the woman that just recently unblinkingly called Megyn Kelly a “b*tch” on live television because she had a spat with Jane Fonda. Behar believes in radical leftist notions, such as people of color aren’t being racist when they’re being very racist to white people. This is the same woman who made a show of walking out on Bill O’ Reilly during his guest spot on The View.

Almost everything Behar does in regards to the right is designed to be insulting or holier-than-thou. She has never cared about how she’s lashed out before, and seems remorseless about her actions.


Suddenly she’s sorry for how she treated Mike Pence? One of the left’s favorite targets? She’s sorry for insulting the group of religious people she’s insulted before?

I don’t buy it. It looks to me like Behar doesn’t want to be caught on the wrong side of an issue that the most beloved figure on the left (who’s not running at this moment) is sweet on. If you ask me, Behar is running D for Behar, not apologizing to Christians.

Regardless, Joy, I forgive you.


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