International Women's Day Will Divide So Many So Long as Feminists Are the Gatekeepers

International Women’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of women everywhere. This is a fair enough thing to celebrate. Women are, as a general rule, amazing creatures that do so much for our society. All of us were born into this world through women, and the majority of us are fortunate enough to have been raised by these amazing figures to be healthy members of our society.


We have a lot of reasons to celebrate women, but even the mere mention of women in a public space activates the current self-appointed gatekeepers of all things “woman,” the modern-day mainstream feminists.

And as I’ve discussed so many times before that writing it is getting tedious, the main concern of feminism isn’t women. In fact, as women themselves will tell you, feminism’s main opponent isn’t oppression or a system of laws that keep women down. No, its main opponent is femininity. Women who embrace the natural aspects of womanhood, who love their men and do not look at them as oppressors, who have aspirations of being mothers above all else, etc, etc.

These are things that mainstream feminism seeks to weed out of the female sex, and those women who defy the feminist narrative suddenly find themselves the subject of some of the worst misogyny, nastiness, and hatred that the modern feminist movement has to offer.

If you need proof, look no further than the feminist’s treatment of NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, who has been receiving threats on her and her family’s life simply for being a member of the NRA. Look at the way leaders of the Women’s March, a supposed nexus of feminist power, treat detractors like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who has suffered actual violence at the hands of people who actually do seek to oppress women. They attack Taylor Swift for staying out of politics and literally spit on pro-life women at feminist marches.


International Women’s Day, thanks to feminists, has become a bastardized day filled with reminders about how oppressed women are in the first world, while many of them completely ignore their oppression in other countries where women quite literally rank behind cattle. If you’re Linda Sarsour and her devoted following, you suppress women right alongside the oppressors, even into sexual harassment territory. If you’re a Hollywood feminist, you turn a blind eye to the rape and sexual harassment happening right under your nose.

As I go through Twitter and look at all the articles and tweets that use the hashtag, there are legitimate tweets that celebrate women and what they’ve accomplished. That’s superb. However, I see an equal amount of tweets that drive a divide between men and women, and even women and women.

International Women’s Day has left a bad taste in a lot of mouths over the years as it’s been made an excuse to bash men or various ideologies. It’s a day of “us vs them,” and less of a celebration of women. Instead of that celebration, we’re made to focus on how women are victims of someone else. Feminists urge the celebration of men who are donning the mantle of women. They push away or ignore women who run contrary to their narrative.


Are there problems being faced by women in today’s world? Of course. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they have it perfect. But then again, who does? Men face a multitude of problems that could be addressed as well such as family court discrimination, and of course, their mischaracterization at the hands of popular culture. Raising awareness of a problem is certainly a good thing, but using these problems as tools to launch attacks at others who don’t deserve it is what feminists push during International Women’s Day.

Celebrating women is a superb idea, but International Women’s Day has a feeling of being more an International Witch Hunt Day than not.



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