Jimmy Kimmel Blames His Horrible Oscars Ratings On the Dumbest Reason

Things aren’t looking so good for celebrity award shows. The audiences tuning in to watch them are leaving faster than Trump’s staff, and they aren’t coming back.


The Oscars in particular are having a tough time, as the recent awards ceremony hosted by Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel was the lowest rated of all time.

There are various reasons for the fact that nobody tuned in. These include the fact that people can stream the highlights on YouTube or Facebook the next day, and the fact that no one has typically heard of the films the Academy is throwing up as masterpieces, making it feel like a snooty affair that America can’t relate to.

But the elephant sitting in the room is that many are just tired of the overt left leaning political grandstanding that celebrities engage in during acceptance speeches and skits. People feel alienated by the stars they tuned in to see, and so they simply tune out. This is evidenced not only by Hollywood’s failure to gin up eyeballs for their circular back pat ceremonies, but in sports as well. The NFL lost 33% of its audience last season primarily due to the injection of politics into it.

But Kimmel doesn’t see the pattern, and in fact decided to put the blame on something completely unrelated. On his show Tuesday, Kimmel pointed the finger at Netflix, the video streaming service, for the awful decline in Oscars ratings.

“Trump loves saying the ratings are down as if to insinuate that’s some sort of show of support for him, but the truth is, every year since Netflix happened, the ratings for every big TV show are down — Super Bowl, Grammys, Emmys, Golden Globes,” Kimmel said. “But Trump thinks he caused the ratings to go down.”


Kimmel is referring to Trump essentially trolling Hollywood for the awful crowd they brought in.

Kimmel is currently living in a fantasy land — what’s new? — if he believes Netflix is the reason fewer people are clicking on the award shows. As Paul Bois at the Daily Wire noted, streaming has been around a while now, and previous award shows have done very well, including one of the highest rated in recent memory:

Forget that excuse, though. Kimmel says that Netflix took the ratings away from his political sermonizing on Sunday night. None of that is true, of course. Prior to the streaming revolution, the lowest-rated Oscars occurred in 2008 (31.6 million viewers). In 2014, the year Ellen DeGeneres hosted, the Oscars actually saw an uptick in viewership (43.7 million), just as streaming truly began to take off.

As I wrote after the Oscars dismal ratings were revealed, Hollywood suffers from a massive PR problem stemming from their one trick pony approach to ideology that America will only get over if they either –

A: Stop bashing America over the head with their political virtue signaling,


B: Allow for conservative figures to voice their opinions and thoughts without blacklisting them.


Chances are slim that they’ll about face on this and allow for the ideological diversity America craves. If Kimmel’s thoughts on why the Oscars are failing to attract audiences is any indication, they’ll resort to mental gymnastics or self-imposed ignorance in order to avoid coming to the realization that much of America doesn’t jive with the political and social interior of the Hollywood bubble. It’ll be an uphill battle for all sides to be sure.

In the meantime, Kimmel can stupidly continue to gauge his success by how many more likes he got for a tweet than Trump.

“Since I was the host of the Oscars, I felt like it was incumbent on me to respond [to Trump],” Kimmel said during his Tuesday show. “So I tweeted to him … [and] wanted to point out that my tweet got more than twice as many ‘likes’ as his tweet.”


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