Gary Oldman Gives a Huge Shout Out to America in Oscar's Acceptance Speech to Complete Celebrity Silence

Gary Oldman might be the greatest actor living today, and that was made very apparent by his Oscar win for best actor at the 2018 Oscars. His portrayal of Winston Churchill in the smash hit Darkest Hour may have been his finest performance yet, and he wasted no breath in thanking both Winston Churchill and America for their amazing contributions to the world.


However, his appreciation for the country that gave him so much was met with deafening silence.

“My deepest thanks to the Academy and its members for this glorious prize. I owe this and so much more to so many. I’ve lived in America for the longest time and I’m deeply grateful to her for the loves and the friendships I have made and the many wonderful gifts it has given me: my home, my livelihood, my family, and now Oscar,” said Oldman, clearly trying to hold it together.

It sounded briefly like someone starting clapping, but the sound was quickly squelched. Oldman continued forward with his speech as no one agreed with his sentiment that the greatest country in the world was the backdrop for all kinds of success, even for Oldman who said that the movie industry it created made him fall in love, and gave him a dream.

Nothing. Not a sound.

This is just another drop in the bucket of reasons as to why Hollywood has a massive PR problem. One that is costing them in viewership for award shows like these. This year’s Oscars saw a 16 percent dip in ratings.

As Twitchy highlighted, however, while the response to Oldman’s speech was seemingly cold at the ceremony, there was applause and celebration coming from within America’s living rooms. The response to Good Morning America posting the video was primarily positive, with responses calling Oldman’s speech the only one worth watching, and one lamenting at how this is the way speeches used to be.


Oldman seems to be one of the few people in Hollywood that will buck the “too cool for tradition and patriotism” trend Hollywood is suffering from, and come right out to voice his appreciation for something that makes the world a more positive place, such as America or Winston Churchill himself.

Of course, those on the left can’t seem to tolerate any love for Churchill now either, despite the fact that he…ya know…fought off the Nazis.


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