CNN's AR-15 Scare Segment Might Be One of the Most Ignorant and Misleading Things Ever Seen

I just got done watching a clip from CNN’s segment where a man shows you how terrifying and powerful the AR-15 is at a shooting range, and I have to say it might be one of the most awkward, embarrassing, and outright false things I’ve ever had the displeasure to watch.


Let’s just dive right in. I’m going to show you the video first with NRA TV’s Colion Noir tweet attached so you can have a play by play of how stupid this video is, followed by me debunking it all.

Okay, first off, I want you to note the way this guy is standing, the grimace he makes, and the fear he seems to have while firing his AR-15 oh so dramatically. The impression he’s trying to give is that the AR-15 is a gun so powerful that it kicks like a mule when a bullet is fired. As Noir comments, if this guy is seriously having that much trouble controlling the AR-15, then he’s beyond weak.

Another leftist attempted to spin this same narrative. Gersh Kuntzman said the rifle “sounded like a cannon,” bruised his shoulder, and gave him PTSD. He was so raked over the coals for this, and for good reason. Either Kuntzman was lying about his time with the AR-15, or he’s one of the least manly men walking the planet.

But in order to prove how ridiculous Kuntzman’s article was, a YouTuber named Christopher Waller demonstrated that the kick of the AR-15 is actually not that powerful, and demonstrated it by firing the gun from the tip of his nose.


As you can see, the AR-15 isn’t the out of control scary-boomstick that Beta McRambo makes it out to be in the CNN video.

The demonstrater tells Beta McRambo he can keep pulling the trigger for “full semi-auto.” Only there is no such thing as “full semi-auto.” There’s full-auto, which has been banned in America for decades now. There’s semi-auto, which allows you to fire one bullet per pull of the trigger. But there is no “full semi-auto.” If there was any indication that this guy either didn’t know what he was talking about or was purposely turning the dramatics up to 11, then you just saw it.

He then tells us that the AR-15 is designed to inflict maximum damage, as if any lethal weapon on God’s green Earth isn’t designed to inflict maximum damage. The other day you had leftists trying to tell the public that getting shot from a handgun is simply like being stabbed by a bullet, and would be too slow to properly be able to stand up to anyone wielding a rifle.

First off, I’d like to point out the irresponsibility of attempting to paint a handgun being fired at you as any less than 100% lethal. Just because it does less damage on impact, it doesn’t make it any less deadly, any more than getting stabbed in the gut with a chef’s knife is any less lethal than getting stabbed with a sword.


Secondly, they do this in order to continue painting the AR-15 as a weapon that goes beyond the scope of necessity in terms of power and ability. They try to make it sound like its rate of fire and damage is far beyond anything we currently possess. Thing is, any gun you use is going to have the effect of highly damaging you if shot into your person. Whether I hit someone with a .45, or I hit them with a 7.62, they’re probably going to lose a limb or die. Or both.

The whole point of owning a firearm is to make you as dangerous as possible, and firearm advocates aren’t shy about that fact. We want to be as dangerous as possible because it will make people who wish to do us or our loved ones harm something to think about. This includes burglars, and sexual assaulters, all the way up to overbearing governments. There was a reason the founders threw that tidbit into the Constitution at number two on the list.

We then move on to the demonstrater saying people should have “extensive training” before using AR-15s. I actually agree with this part. Train, and train often. Go to your firing range and learn how to use one. Learn the ins and outs of the weapon. Knowledge and education not only make you an effective wielder, it also helps prevent accidents. It also makes you the capable, dangerous guy that bad guys fear will pop up during their crime. Don’t just fall in with the blind fear CNN is trying to push here.


Then he says the damage is irreversible. As Noir puts it in the video, what gunshot damage is reversible? If I shoot you in the chest, the damage it will do will stay with you for the rest of your life. The same can be said for any wound I deal you with any number of weapons meant to kill. If I bury an axe in someone’s chest and, by some miracle, they survive, then they won’t be living the same way they did before.

This entire clown show of a segment isn’t meant to educate you, it’s meant to scare you. In many ways, you should have a healthy fear of guns, but not a blind one. That fear should equate to respect, not rejection based on ignorance driven hysteria like what CNN is trying to push.



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