Google Has Eliminated Shopping Results for Various Guns

Google has seemingly shut down the ability to search for AR-15 rifles, as well as various other types of firearms from their search function.

Typing in “AR-15” and then hitting the “shopping” tab brings back a completely blank screen. The same can be said for companies such as Glock or Colt.


General queries such as “rifle,” or “handgun” also come back completely blank.

However, Smith & Wesson still comes up with results, as does searching for AK-47’s or 1911’s.

It’s not known whether Google began doing this as a result of the Parkland shooting or sooner, or whether or not this is Google’s way of helping prevent further atrocities from being committed. If it is, it’s not exactly a move that will put too much up on the scoreboard for the gun control crowd.

Bing is also following along by not showing search results for the AR-15, however searching for various handguns will grant you search results for accessories.

Google or Bing engaging in censorship of shopping results may be a gesture of goodwill toward the gun control crowd, but it will do little to stop anyone from purchasing a firearm if they want one. Not only that, it’s a moot move. All purchases must go through an FFL anyway, and trying to make sure people never find their way there on the internet is like trying to stop the tide by throwing a rock at the waves. Even a rock as big as Google.


One thing’s for sure. If Google is trying to halt harm from coming to the populace, they’re not doing a very good job.



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