The Hypocrisy of Outrage Over Gun Violence While Celebrating Abortion Needs To Be Talked About

The foot stomping that occurs after a mass shooting is fueled with righteous anger, but oddly enough the mainstream media’s righteous anger is very one-sided.


Facts and stats about gun violence — often incomplete — are thrown around by advocacy groups such as Everytown, and then repeated ad nauseam by everyone from the Washington Post to The Young Turks. They express outrage at the amount of death being dealt at the hands of shooters who got their hands on firearms that the public shouldn’t have access to in the first place. They point fingers at Republicans, gun owners, and the NRA. Marches are formed, boycotts are called for, and friends turn on friends as the first world voices their outrage about the gun violence that has caused so much killing.

But for people who are so angry about death and killing, their outrage seems selective. This is especially apparent to pro-lifers, who are perplexed as to why people so ready to fly into a rage about murder if it’s done by a gun, are perfectly happy to smile and nod appreciably as murder is committed with a vacuum. What’s worse is that the latter kind of murder is done far and above the rates guns do.

Since it’s founding, Planned Parenthood has killed around 7 million people, at around 300,000 a year. And that’s just Planned Parenthood.

When it comes to shootings, 2017 saw over 15,000 people die due to gun-related injuries, with around twice as many injuries. Keep in mind, not all of those deaths were as a result of nefarious people. Over 2,000 of those instances were used for self-defense, and another 2,000 were just due to accidents.


2017’s gun violence rate doesn’t even remotely come close to the kill-count the abortion industry holds.

Now, for a long time, pro-abortion advocates argued that pro-lifers are misguided by a sense of religious morality and that there is no murder that occurs. It’s just a fetus that does not yet equal up to a human, and thus shouldn’t be treated as one. Some of the more extreme members of the pro-abortion community argue that abortion should be legal up to the point of birth, however they are swiftly becoming recognized as the extremists they are.

But the science is in, and with technological advancements allowing us to peer into the womb with more accuracy than ever, we’re finding that the pro-choice crowd couldn’t be more wrong. Inside the womb is someone just as human as you or I, despite its ongoing development. We know that babies can recognize faces in the womb, and research suggests that they feel pain some 20 weeks into gestation.

As the Atlantic says in a story about how the pro-life crowd and science are slowly coming together:

Activists like McGuire believe it makes perfect sense to be pro-science and pro-life. While she opposes abortion on moral grounds, she believes studies of fetal development, improved medical techniques, and other advances anchor the movement’s arguments in scientific fact.

“The pro-life message has been, for the last 40-something years, that the fetus … is a life, and it is a human life worthy of all the rights the rest of us have,” she said. “That’s been more of an abstract concept until the last decade or so.” But, she added, “when you’re seeing a baby sucking its thumb at 18 weeks, smiling, clapping,” it becomes “harder to square the idea that that 20-week-old, that unborn baby or fetus, is discardable.”


The pro-abortion movement used to subsist on the argument that science was with it, however, the pro-life movement is pushing them out. Every discovery seems to lean in the pro-life movement’s direction, putting organizations like Planned Parenthood on the defensive. This is why more and more people, especially millennials, are advocating for more restrictions.

So the pro-life community is understandably frustrated with the pro-gun outrage, while there’s abortion industry cheerleading from the same people. Oddly enough, the pro-abortion crowd thinks the pro-life crowd are hypocrites for supporting firearms. However, they dismiss the fact that every time a gun is purchased, the chances of it being used to kill someone are relatively low. Whenever an abortion is undergone, someone always dies with few exceptions.

Furthermore, most guns are purchased for a multitude of reasons, be it recreational or protection. Killing someone is not nearly at the top of the list of reasons guns are purchased. But that’s abortion’s only purpose.

I’ve received pushback from pro-abortion leftists — usually in the form of ad hominem attacks — for attempting to raise the suggestion that if they’re mad about one, they should be mad about the other. For some reason, they can’t tolerate this idea. To them, there’s no equivalency.


They’re right. The amount of death that takes place at an abortion clinic is titanic next to gun violence, but pro-lifers make this comparison anyway to highlight not just the death but the hypocritical outrage.

And if dead kids really get you on your feet, then science, morality, and common sense all say that you should be rendered speechless by the murder that happens to the sound of applause due to the abortion industry.


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