Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ends Discounts for NRA Members, and the Public Response Has Been Nasty

The Parkland shooting has inspired a lot of rage, and most of it aimed at the NRA…for some reason.

On top of the Amazon boycott currently underway because they stream NRA TV, customers also complained to Enterprise Rent-a-Car for giving discounts to NRA members. Apparently, the complaints were effective, as Enterprise has now rescinded the discount.


The “three brands” that Enterprise refers to is Alamo and National.

While the angry anti-NRA mob attacking them for a shooting they weren’t even a part of may be celebrating the win, the response to Enterprise caving so easily to anti-NRA sentiment has not been the back patting parade they probably thought they’d receive. The vast majority of the responses to the announcement has been disastrous.






And on and on.

To be clear, what Enterprise did wasn’t punish the NRA. What it did do was punish the people who support the NRA, and leave a bad taste in the mouths of all the Americans who support gun rights be they NRA members or no. The NRA won’t suffer because its people are no longer getting discounts, the people will. And the people will now likely punish Enterprise for their political hackery.

If Enterprise wanted things to go more smoothly, they likely should have kept quiet and not done a thing. The misplaced outrage over their NRA discount service likely would have passed and been forgotten about in a few days time, weeks at the most. Instead, it’s turned around and insulted millions of people, while asking them to shell out more cash from their wallet for their services.


Managing Editor of RedState, Caleb Howe, put it best.

Dumb move.

If Enterprise was looking to make a statement about gun violence, punishing their customers was not the way to do it. They’re going to figure out why now.


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