So Much for Free Speech and Conversation: Leftists Call to Boycott Amazon for Hosting NRA TV

For the left, the NRA is public enemy number one. They always are after any kind of shooting occurs, despite the fact that the NRA is oftentimes the organization promoting gun safety, helping craft gun safety laws, and being starkly the group pretty much every mass shooter is not a member of.


Despite all of this, the fact that it promotes gun rights puts it square in the crosshairs of politicians and activists who consistently tell us they aren’t trying to restrict our gun rights.

The NRA also has a media arm called NRA TV. It’s here that the organization covers everything from gun rights, to social justice and more. It’s definitely right of center, and after the Parkland shooting, you better believe it came under attack alongside its parent organization.

These attacks lead some to find out that NRA TV can be seen on various outlets such as Roku, AppleTV, and Amazon Fire. Naturally, this has caused the left to freak out. That’s too much exposure for the gun rights group, especially in terms of the last player on that list, Amazon.

And so all hell broke loose. Tweets aimed at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and the account for the company itself have been inundated with tweets calling for NRATV to not be an option for its customers under the hashtag #StopNRAmazon.


You get the idea.

This entire hashtag brings up the question of why they feel the need to fascistically silence NRA TV by pushing networks to completely abandon the platform in order to decrease their reach. If guns are so horrible, and those arguing for gun control are definitely in the right, then what does the gun control side of the argument have to fear? Shouldn’t their logic win over in the arena of ideas?

That’s not the impression they’re giving off.

Silencing your opposition because you hate it is a tale as old as time, but I would advise Amazon, Apple, et al to not engage in encouraging mob justice. Not only is it often nothing close to justice, it’s misguided, and leads to punishing people that didn’t deserve it in the first place.

NRA TV deserves to have its platform if it can afford to have it, and the anti-NRA mob deserves to be ignored.


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