MSNBC Host Gets Clowned After Attempting to Generate Outrage at Gov. Rick Scott

MSNBC Ali Velshi is attempting to gin up outrage for the gun control movement currently benefiting from tons of momentum granted to it by the outraged, and protesting students.


According to Velshi, students have gathered in the waiting area of Florida Governor Rick Scott’s office to protest. According to Velshi, the students are being told that Scott is “too busy to meet with them.” This has resulted in the students chanting “shame on you” at Scott’s door.

Like any false narrative, there is an element of truth to Velshi’s tweet. Students are angrily chanting for Scott to show himself, and he’s not coming out. What a coward, right?

So what is Scott doing that makes him too busy to meet with concerned students mob about gun control?

He’s attending the funeral of one of the victims of the Parkland shooting.

Velshi may not have known that at the time of this tweet, and that’s fine, but you can see that he was corrected about Scott’s whereabouts many a time from his followers. At this time, Velshi has not informed his audience of what Scott was doing, only that he wasn’t there because he was “too busy.” The only thing Velshi has added on the subject is that Scott will meet with the students later.


I can understand the anger of many over the shooting, and that reactions like the ones the students are demonstrating are going to happen, especially after media goading. Velshi, however, has all the information made available to him and still chose to drive the narrative that Scott is unconcerned and uncaring because he’s “too busy,” despite the fact that the Governor was out of town attending the funerals of the slain personally.

This is the kind of clown show the mainstream media has devolved to. Between this, and Katy Tur’s ridiculous ultimatum for gun owners last night, it’s no wonder trust in the media is at an all time low.

These aren’t reporters, these are activists, and they’re hurting this national conversation.



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