Watch: Why Black Panther's Nation of Wakanda Could Never Happen In Reality

If you don’t know anything about the Black Panther movie other than the weird crop of political and social justice nonsense it has inspired, then I recommend you go see it. It’s a great super hero movie filled with trope breaking good guys, identitarian bad guys, and all the natural law breaking nonsense you’d come to expect from your Marvel movies.


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There is, however, one thing that pushes the realm of disbelief, and that would be the nation of Wakanda itself. More accurately, its wealth and well being of its people.

Social justice warriors are touting Wakanda as what would an African country would be like if it had never seen the touch of a white man. Wakanda is an isolationist ethno-state that guards its borders and resources so closely that should any of its main export — a fictional metal known as “vibranium” — they will literally leave a path of destruction and chaos in their wake to retrieve it, and stop the black market salesmen.

Basically, they love the way Wakanda runs itself, but hate Trump for supposedly trying to run the country the same way. But I digress.

Wakanda’s vibranium has allowed them to become so technologically advanced that they are miles ahead of the rest of the world, but the rest of the world hasn’t seen a lick of this technology because Wakanda closely guards it all. It’s so isolationist, that as far as the world is concerned, it’s a 3rd world country. What they don’t know is that an entire futuristic city is hidden underneath an elaborate hologram of a jungle, building on top of a massive cave filled to the brim with vibranium.

This is exciting logic for a comic book world, but in real life, Wakanda would be the third world hell hole everyone assumes it is in the movie.


And this is best explained by MatPat of the Film Theorist channel on YouTube.

According to MatPat, despite all of its amazing natural recourse of vibranium, it’s inability to expand its economy via various goods other than vibranium would crash its economy faster than the speed of a Trump tweet. To prove his point, MatPat points to the current problems happening oil rich Venezuela, where despite the oil and year round growing season, the economy is so horrid that people can’t afford to buy so much as an apple.

He also goes into strict detail about economic no-go zones that Wakanda engages in, such as being so isolationist that it refuses to engage in trade. Furthermore that this inability to engage in trade would create something of a thriving black market around vibranium, which is actually what ended up happening in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Watch the video for yourself below:


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