CNN Is Bleeding Primetime Audience Members at a Really Alarming Rate

The numbers that show the ratings for cable news networks are in, and while Fox News remains at the top of the food chain, CNN is currently limping along as it bleeds primetime viewers at such speeds, it’s amazing it’s not dead already.


According to AdWeek, CNN managed to beat its closest competitor, MSNBC, in viewers during the day overall. But when people come home after work to watch the news, CNN suddenly found itself behind MSNBC in the ratings, never mind how miles ahead Fox News is:

MSNBC scored another top 5 finish, both in prime time (No. 2 overall), and in total day (No. 3 overall). Not only did MSNBC keep its spot in the top 5, but it posted double digit growth in prime time viewers (+22 percent) and in total day viewers (+26 percent).

MSNBC defeated rival CNN in the prime time demo, but fell short to CNN among A25-54 across total day (No. 15 vs. No. 12).

The loss of primetime viewership is troubling, as that’s when many people are just getting to switch on their televisions to relax for the first time that day.

That’s bad enough, but CNN used to have a much greater audience just last year. According to AdWeek, CNN has lost 30 percent of its primetime viewers as compared to 2017.

CNN, as mentioned knocked off its rival MSNBC among adults 25-54 in total day, but struggled relative to last year in prime time. The network was -30 percent in total prime time viewers, and -23 percent in total day viewers from last year.


CNN has been plagued with trouble since Trump’s election. Their reaction has been nothing short of mindbogglingly biased. White House reporter Jim Acosta sometimes abandons all intention of actually getting a news story and instead resorts to tactics seen during political activism.

Very recently, CNN attempted to paint certain Republican politicians as cowards for not appearing on their network to discuss the Parkland shooting, specifically Texas Senator Ted Cruz. In truth, Cruz had already given a 15-minute interview on the subject with CNN that they chose not to air while carrying the narrative.

CNN’s name has been flushed down the gutter in good part due to CNN’s clown-like way of reporting the news, which is why it’s currently missing over a quarter of its audience, which seems to have either made its way to FNC or MSNBC.


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