Watch: Terrifying Footage of Screams and Gunshots From Parkland School Shooting Taken From Student's Cell Phone

The High School shooting in Parkland, Florida has left at least 20 injured and reportedly one dead.

As information still filters in to give us a clearer picture as to what happened, at least one bit of footage has supposedly been released that shows what it was like inside the classroom as the bullets were being fired into the room.


Within the video, students are seen taking cover on the floor before loud gunshots are heard being fired off to the screams of the students. The footage then shows a picture of bullet holes littering the screen of a nearby computer.

It should be noted that this footage has not been completely confirmed as legitimate footage from the Parkland shooting, but searching for it on the internet has turned up nothing indicating otherwise, and it appears to make it likely that it is.

The video contains strong language.

It’s one thing to read about a shooting from the safety of your own home. It’s another to experience the helplessness and terror first hand.

Our prayers go out to these students and their families.


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