Bette Midler Is a Disgusting Person and Her Tweet Against Rand Paul Proves It

During  Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster to stop the GOP from raising spending caps with no hope of turning off the spending spigot, actress Bette Midler decided it was time for Paul to shut up, and made a wish upon a star.


“Where’s Rand Paul’s neighbor when we need him?” she asked.

It’s sad to watch a single man in Washington attempt to keep the promises he got people to vote him in for, only to have people with large platforms like Midler literally call for violence against Paul.

As you’ll recall, Paul was attacked by his neighbor, breaking his ribs, and giving him a pleural effusion. It was an experience that Paul’s wife Kelley described as torturous for her husband.

The glitterati is the same crowd that flips its lid whenever it remotely believes that Republicans are encouraging violence, even when it’s obvious they are not. However, Hollywood celebrities like Midler can flat out call for a Republican to be assaulted, and no one lifts a finger.

This includes Twitter, which has previously made a huge deal out of violent tweets. The tweet is now 13 hours old and Twitter has not taken it down. Rest assured, Twitter has been notified of the existence of the tweet, and yet it has taken no action.


But Midler’s isn’t the only tweet in the same vein.

Here’s HuffPo writer Matt Fuller:

Writer Elon Green:

And according to The Hill reporter Scott Wong, even lawmakers angry with Paul wished to summon the neighbor.

Classy. Let’s remember this next time the left decides to get indignant over how “violent” Republicans are.



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