Facebook Censors NRA Video on WW2 Vets Claiming It Contains Child Violence and Sexually Explicit Material

The NRA’s “Why We Stand” video brings up a stark contrast about the way we treat our freedom today vs. how we treated it in the days of World War 2, and it’s something we should give more attention to. Where once people were willing to die on foreign beaches to stop a great evil from threatening something so wondrous as the United States, now those in positions of power, be it political or cultural, scoff and insult the country that gave them so much.


The video is hosted by the NRA’s Dom Raso who said a walk through a WW2 museum changed his life forever and made him wonder if those men who suffered on the beaches of Normandy sacrificed it all for nothing.

“Did they fight too hard for freedom? Did they sacrifice too much?” said Raso. “Did they make life in America so safe and so easy, so completely removed from difficulty and hardship that we lost our understanding that freedom is guaranteed to no one and can be lost in an instant?”

The video is short but poignant.

But Facebook thought that this video was a bit much, and warned viewers in some very odd ways.

According to The American Mirror on Tuesday, Facebook warned viewers that video was sexually explicit on the mobile version, and contained violence against children on the desktop version.


Facebook has since changed the warnings so that they just warn that the videos are graphically violent in nature.

This is, of course, complete and utter nonsense. While Raso does mention that some of the photos he viewed showed blood-soaked beaches, and jackets with bullet holes in them, NRA TV did not show a shred of gore or violence, especially against children. It definitely didn’t show any sexually explicit material.

Interestingly, I don’t get many of these warnings on many videos that actually do feature some level of violence or sexual content. Either Facebook has it out for the NRA, or they have an algorithm that allows those who hate the NRA to dictate what can be immediately seen by viewers.


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