Trump Calls "Really Out There" Nancy Pelosi His "Secret Weapon" (and He's Probably Right)

The Democratic Party has some hard competition for craziest member, but Nancy Pelosi (D-Crazytown) may be the queen.

Unlike some of her crazier colleagues (like the insane Sheila Jackson Lee), Pelosi’s fire and brimstone style of describing GOP actions is taken very seriously. When Pelosi says GOP tax cuts will cause an “apocalypse,” mainstream news sources repeat her words, causing people to panic over a supposed impending loss of well being.


As usual, Pelosi’s rhetoric is always dead wrong, the world never ends, and everyone is generally better off for the GOP’s actions. The GOP tax cuts, where everyone is seeing a boost in the amount of money they keep, promotions, pay increases, benefits, and bonuses from a laundry list of corporations is solid evidence of this.

Pelosi loves her some panic. It gets her votes, and paves her road for bill passage. It’s worked out great for her in the past, but that time is over. Now it just makes her look like a fool, and this is just fine for Republicans. That includes Trump.

During a speech, Trump called Pelosi his “secret weapon” in the upcoming midterm elections, hoping that she’ll never go away seeing as how she’s been such a useful player to Republicans lately.

This includes her continued denouncement of the GOP tax cuts, calling the $1,000 bonuses to employees “crumbs.” Trump pointed out that this was rich (for lack of a better term) seeing as how Pelosi is a wealthy woman who has no idea what the majority of America goes through.

“Nancy Pelosi again said that’s ‘crumbs’,” Trump told the crowd. “Well, she’s a rich woman who lives in a big, beautiful house in California who wants to give all of your money away.”

Trump said that the “crumbs” remark Pelosi likes to repeat will be the second coming of the “deplorable” meme made famous by Hillary Clinton in describing Trump voters.


“She’s our secret weapon. I just hope they [the Democrats] don’t change her. She’s really out there. And I’m supposed to make a deal with her?”

Pelosi is currently one of the richest members in congress, being worth some $100 million. Meanwhile, 57 percent of Americans are currently living with under $1,000 in their bank accounts. That Pelosi calls these bonuses crumbs — especially after her party made a huge fuss over $40 not long ago — seems more like sour grapes than actual concern for the American people.

But we saw how much she cares about the success of the American people during her stone faced pout session during Trump’s State of the Union Address.

By the way, Pelosi is currently attempting to seek out $100,000 in tax breaks for herself.


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