West Virginia Democrat: It Was Wrong of Democrats to Sit for Trump's SOTU Speech

The only Democrat with seemingly any sense at President Trump’s State of the Union address was West Virginia’s Sen. Joe Manchin.

As many Americans saw last night, Democrats sat stone-faced and silent for most of Trump’s speech, even when they really shouldn’t have. Some great examples being the fight against MS-13 with two victimized families sitting just above them, and the other was the low black unemployment numbers which the Congressional Black Caucus didn’t seem to be all that moved by.


According to the Washington Examiner, this embarrassed Manchin, who himself got up to applaud Republicans, but would check himself due to his party not moving a muscle.

Exhibit A:


Manchin said that he never liked it when Republicans were so obstinate during Obama’s reign, and he certainly doesn’t like seeing that look on his own party.

“I was very, very upset when I saw the Republicans never, ever stood up with Barack Obama, and there was things I didn’t agree about President Obama in his speech,” he said. “But I was taught in West Virginia there’s a little bit of respect, and you should show that. And I did that then, and I did it last night.”

“I think the Democrats were wrong in not showing respect,” Manchin said. “That’s just me.”


Indeed, there were moments in the State of the Union that Democrats should have absolutely stood for, but did not. It was not a look that played well on camera, and gave off the impression that Democrats didn’t just hate Trump, but held a contempt that put the American people in the crossfire.


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