The Democratic Money Pit: Ted Cruz's Dem Challenger Raises More Funds Than Cruz, but Will It Matter?

The headlines in Texas are currently giddy with the fact that Beto O’Rourke, Democratic challenger to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) out-raised his Republican opponent by a handsome chunk of change.


For Democrats, this is solid news. This tells them O’Rourke is liked and has a fighting chance at unseating a conservative favorite from the reddest of the red states. They think they finally can get rid of one of their most hated foes and strike at the heart of conservative America all in one fell swoop.

For Republicans, we’ve seen this before, and it doesn’t end well for Democrats.

Democrats are very excited about O’Rourke. He’s a Soros backed former punk rocker from El Paso who is one of’s “rising stars.” The hype was enough for blue Texans to shovel money to him in the boatloads. In fact, the Dallas Morning News reports that unlike other Democrats in red states before him, around 70 percent of the donations given to him actually came from inside Texas. This is surprising, seeing as how most Democrats get money from outside of the state like Wendy Davis before him.

O’Rourke has raised $2.4 million in 2017’s final quarter, while Cruz raised $1.9 million. Impressive, but it won’t be enough. For one, O’Rourke is currently riding an initial hopeful hype, and secondly, the bullets haven’t even begun flying. When they do, O’Rourke isn’t going to look like such a golden boy.

As I explained in my write up of O’Rourke before, the El Paso Democrat was a political failure far before he appeared on the national stage. He’s been caught lying, cheating, and misleading his constituents to the point where even his fellow Democrats hate him in his own city.


To read the tale of O’Rourke’s dealings with crony capitalism, abuse of eminent domain, and using taxpayer money to line his own pockets, click here. There’s a fun part where El Paso leftists initiate a recall election on O’Rourke after they discovered his dirty dealings.

O’Rourke can raise all the Soros backed funding he wants. In the end, the state of Texas isn’t a Democratic haven and turning it blue will require so much funding and campaigning that the cost would be monumental. Far more than the few million O’Rourke currently has, and Soros may be willing to give.

Rest assured, they’ll spend millions, but it’s a kind of political money pit we’ve seen before.

The reason O’Rourke will lose is the same reason all the money in the world didn’t help Jon Ossoff win Georgia’s special election against Karen Handel, despite ungodly amounts of fundraising from Democrats both in and out of the state. It’s the Texas culture. In this vast state is a vast swath of right-leaning people who love firearms, low taxes, and making money. We have billboards on our highways that openly promote God and pro-life messages. If we aren’t conservative, we’re libertarian, and it shows in some of the laws we pass regarding criminal justice reform.

For us Texans, blue state big brothers just don’t have enough appeal. Sure there are pockets of blue within the state, such as Austin and Houston, but Texas’s big cities are swallowed by a sea of red. We want to be left alone, hands kept out of our pockets, and the freedom to be who we want without outside influence. That’s not what O’Rourke — or his puppeteer, Soros — are offering.


That’s why O’Rourke will lose.

I will advise the right-leaning folk in the state of Texas not to become complacent. Don’t just assume Cruz will win. Contribute to the campaign, then show up and vote. The overwhelming landslide victory won’t just keep a solid conservative in office, it’ll be a direct message to Soros and his ilk like Ossoff and Wendy Davis’ loss was before. The message of “We don’t want you here. Get out, and take your crony New York raised “rising star” with you.”



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