Celebs Holding Up Clinton as One of Them During the Grammys Proves That #MeToo Isn't Something They're Taking Seriously

I felt it necessary to bring up a glaringly obvious point that the mainstream media is failing to — as per usual — and that’s the fact that Hillary Clinton’s appearance at The Grammy Awards just shows that Hollywood is more interested in making themselves FEEL like they’re standing up to sexual assault, and not actually doing it.


Joe Cunningham actually touched on this when he wrote on how Clinton’s appearance wrecked any pro-woman, pro-victim of assault message they had built so far.

“If you want real progress for the #MeToo or #TimesUp movements, you have to get rid of the opportunistic hangers-on like Clinton. They are going to muddy the waters and keep real change from actually happening,” wrote Cunningham, who couldn’t be more correct.

I feel I’ve been working on the cultural side of politics for long enough to understand that Clinton’s appearance was more than a mistake, or some overlooked slip up in an attempt to get one in on Trump. It was a sign that Hollywood isn’t all that concerned with the #MeToo movement, and learned little from it.

For Hollywood, #MeToo is the latest trend that everyone has to get on board with. In a place like Hollywood, where politics is upstream of culture — it’s the exact opposite everywhere else — #MeToo is a perfect virtue signaling platform where celebrities can distance themselves from all the bad press reigning down on some of their colleagues.

For Hollywood celebrities, “Me Too” is really “Not Me.”

If Hollywood truly did care about the rampancy of sexual assault among their ranks, the mere suggestion of an appearance by Clinton would have had the person suggesting it laughed out of the room. I need not get too far into it because by now you’ve heard it a million times, but Hillary Clinton stood back and defended her husband’s sexual assaults and misconduct while attempting to silence the victims.


The Clintons’ relationship with sexual misconduct is not exactly an unknown tale. Everybody knows it happened, and Hillary’s behavior during her husband’s tribulations with his own infidelity and sexual assaults was a prime example of the behavior #MeToo seems to want to fight.

Yet here the celebrities are, holding her up, and as one of them no less.

If celebrities are including Clinton in their ranks, then it’s a sign that the #MeToo movement is just some trend Hollywood has to endure, not learn from.


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