Democrats Are Ominously Silent About their Hatred of the GOP Tax Cuts Now (but for How Long?)

During the passage of the GOP tax cuts, the Democrats were out in full force. Politicians assumed the role of end of times preachers as they foretold of a grim future filled with death and starvation. Activists paraded through streets, and through the House itself shouting insults, chanting demands, and even taking their clothes off in protest.

Democrats called the tax cuts a “heist,” and a “disgrace.” They stoically vowed they were going to reverse the GOP tax cuts, and take that money back from the evil corporations that the GOP sought to reward in their ongoing quest to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

And then one day, all the bluster just stopped. It didn’t just die off. It full on went as quiet as a church mid-silent prayer. Why?

Because corporations did what they do when government hands are taken out of their pockets. They hired more people, raised pay, increased benefits, and gave out bonuses.

So far the list includes AT&T and Wells Fargo, as well as Boeing, IBM, the Motion Picture Association of America, and Disney itself. Even worse for the Democrats is the fact that companies with openly leftist slants like Apple and Starbucks have also jumped on the employee benefits bandwagon, all of them citing the GOP tax cuts as the catalyst.

Before the silence came, Democrats tried to laugh off corporations adding to their employees’ bank accounts and benefits. Nancy Pelosi called it “crumbs,” and multiple leftist news outlets referred to the gifts as “peanuts.”

But all it did was reveal the leftist talking heads and politicians as the out of touch statists they were. A thousand dollars may seem like “peanuts” and “crumbs” to someone like Nancy Pelosi, whose Botox budget likely outstrips all my bills combined, but to those of us in the peasant class $1,000 solves a lot of problems.

Suddenly, Democrats were aware that maybe their position was an unpopular one. That people actually like keeping the money they make, and that they don’t have the solid backing from the public they thought. Pelosi found that out before anybody else did. She was set to speak at a rally that was supposed to be attended by hundreds after the passage of the GOP tax cuts. In fact, the media was there waiting to catch her on camera leading an angry crowd, promising retribution to the GOP for this monstrous act!

Only nobody showed up except just a handful of people who walked away little by little. Pelosi just decided not to show up, thinking it best not to be seen voicing her righteous anger to a meager group halfheartedly cheering her on. She left the those who did stay hanging, and they eventually left as well.

The Democrats have abandoned their outrage for what they made seem was one of the biggest disasters to befall America since…whatever they said was going to kill us all last week, I guess.

While that’s seemingly good, the question is whether or not the Democrats learned a lesson here, and not just any lesson, but the right lesson.

My hope is that the Democrats didn’t learn that they need to stay quiet about their hatred of lower taxes that benefit the people, my hope is that they learned that the people are benefiting from the lower taxes. It’s my sincere hope that with all these corporations showing just what a more lenient tax system can do, the Democrats will finally pick up on what innumerable economists have been saying.

Less taxes equals more growth. It’s logical, and it’s proven.

But I’ve been around long enough to know Democrats, and I fear that their silence isn’t due to a lesson learned, but an ominous sign. On the exterior, they’ve dropped the fight, but behind closed doors, I’m afraid they’re planning.

If that is the case then this means the Democrats do not learn lessons. They don’t care about prosperity and success. They don’t really care about the little guy, the underprivileged, or those who need a boost. What they care about is power, and keeping that power.

If that is the case, then Republicans and Libertarians both need to hit the Democrats on that very hard when they eventually rear their heads against the tax cuts.

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