Google Removes "Fact Check" Function from its Search Page Which Primarily Targeted Right-Leaning Sites

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Google has been under some serious scrutiny lately for its continuing demonstrations of its own political bias, but one of its more glaring examples has at least been taken down…for now.


The western world’s largest internet search company decided it would join on combating the scourge of fake news by providing an easy way to fact check articles from various news websites using a “reviewed links” function.

The problem, however, was that Google was almost exclusively fact checking right-leaning sites such as the Daily Caller, the Daily Wire, and others. Only one left leaning site was being “fact checked,” and that was Occupy Democrats, a radical leftist site. Vox, HuffPo, and Media Matters were completely free of Google’s scrutiny.

It should be noted that the “scrutiny” these right-leaning sites were under was also run by left-leaning fact checkers such as Snopes. As the Daily Caller pointed out, some of the fact checking being done to them was extremely biased, and lacking facts itself.

But on Monday, Google seems to have taken down the reviewed links function.

Whether this was due to the increased scrutiny from various sites about Google’s partisan behavior or not is still in question, though Google frequently denies it discriminates politically or ideologically. However, this is not seen in their actions.

Google frequently troubles Conservative sites and video makers such as Prager U with demonetization and putting their videos in the “restricted section” of YouTube. They have also hit YouTube interviewer Dave Rubin with demonetization for pointing out the dangers of socialism, and even for having conversations with Ben Shapiro about transgenderism.


Even YouTubes most popular video makers are punished for making leftists look bad. Phillip DeFranco is one glaring case of Google’s political bias, as it has punished him twice for going against the leftist grain. DeFranco was stripped of his advertising dollars for calling out a popular social justice advocate for acting like a horrible person to a Lyft driver. He was also, according to him, allegedly punished by Google for not creating a video endorsing Hillary Clinton during the 2016 elections when they approached him to do so and he refused.

Funny thing is, DeFranco is not a right-leaning individual.

While Google’s removal of the fact checking function from its search engine is a step in the right direction, the mounting evidence against the search engine company’s bias only makes this feel like it’s covering its tracks.


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