Dave Rubin Conducts YouTube Experiment Proving Google's Anti-Capitalism Bias

Google’s notoriety in the political bias department has been overtly undeniable as it continuously disadvantages right-learning or Christian thought. Thanks to one of YouTube’s most famous interview show host, Dave Rubin, we can now see that Google has an anti-Capitalist bent as well.


On Wednesday, Rubin posted a video to YouTube titled “Socialism Isn’t Cool,” where he outlined exactly how socialism was the bane of society. Within, Rubin mentioned how Venezuela is currently experiencing one of the worst economic collapses due to the failed economic system, and how its people are currently suffering in hell-like conditions because of it.

Rubin went on to say that individualism, not collectivism, is the way to prosperity and that socialism conflicts directly with what it means to be human. It’s definitely worth a watch.

But to no one’s surprise, including Rubin’s, YouTube was quick to demonetize the anti-socialist video, and Rubin took to Twitter to voice his frustration.

“Guaranteed a critique of capitalism would’ve been just fine,” he wrote.

Rubin also tweeted at YouTube in order to try to find out which part of his video was unfriendly to advertisers.


But Rubin then decided to put his theory to the test and created a video titled “Capitalism Isn’t Cool.” Within the video, Rubin assured his audience that capitalism was actually cool, and in fact, the coolest. At the end of the short video, he actually repeated himself from his previous video and reassured everyone that socialism was a horrible system.

And wouldn’t ya know it? YouTube had absolutely no problem with Rubin’s fake “anti-capitalism” video.

In fact, his anti-capitalism video was monetized while his anti-socialism video was still waiting for approval.

It wasn’t until the following day that YouTube decided that Rubin’s anti-socialism video was appropriate for monetization. However, it should be understood that most of the money that is made on YouTube is made within the initial hours of its release. Essentially, YouTube had punished Rubin for his video despite decided it should be monetized.


YouTube and its overlord, Google, have been incredibly biased about their disdain for the right, and they do very little to hide it. In fact, Rubin ran afoul of Google’s monetization system before by simply having on Daily Wire editor in chief Ben Shapiro on as a guest.

And it’s not just Rubin. In December last year, the Daily Caller had to take Google to school in order to halt the censorship of one of its videos.

But no one has had more trouble with YouTube’s bias than the conservative educational channel, PragerU. Google and YouTube have done everything to them from demonetizing to putting their videos in the restricted section alongside the ultra-violence and porn.

Google doesn’t just restrict its anti-right war to YouTube. It was also recently discovered that its system of fighting fake news in its search function primarily applies to right-wing news sources.



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