Watch: Robbers With Fake Guns Experience Instant Regret When Confronted by Security Guard With Real Gun

A good guy with a gun is sometimes all it takes to turn a bad situation into a neutral one. In the case of one convenience store robbery in Hamilton, New Jersey, a good guy with a gun turned a fake situation into a real one.


In a video recently released by Independent Journal Review, you can see two young men dressed in hoodies demand a cash register be opened at a convenience store. The two hoodied youths produce guns, hop the counter, and begin to hold up the cashier while they steal his money.

Meanwhile, a security guard sees the incident and comes inside with his revolver at the ready. Instantly, the guard fires off shots at the burglars, seemingly hitting one. As the guard leans over the counter and fires at another of the burglars nearly point blank, one of them shouts that the guns are actually fake.

“Oh well, mine is real,” says the security guard.

The security guard then demands the two men stand up with their hands behind their back and orders the cashier to call the police.

“Am I shot?” asks one of the burglars.

“Oh f**k yeah,” says the security guard, once again demanding the men put their hands behind their back.

“Y’all picked the wrong one,” said the security guard after hopping the counter and taking away their fake guns.

Watch below:


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