Bernie Sanders' Video of Millionaires Asking To Be Taxed More Has One Fatal Flaw

“Democratic socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) seems to believe that wealthy people should pay more money because apparently any person who got wealthy must have done so through some nefarious means. He typically uses language that paints the wealthy as taking advantage of the poor or circumventing the system to make the rich look like the mustache-twisting villains from old cartoons. Then he says they must “pay their fair share.”


Nobody ask Sanders about his three expensive homes, millions of cash stored away in his campaign coffers, unpaid debts to the cities that lent him protection during the 2016 campaign, and his current troubles with the law over bank fraud. The media rarely does, and if they do, Sanders will flat out refuse to discuss any of it.

Remember, socialism is for the people, not the socialist.

But to make sure people understand that he’s not crewing the good ship “Insanity” all by himself, Sanders released a video featuring what he calls “Patriotic Millionaires” asking that they be taxed more.

Watch below.

The problem with this video is the simple fact that if these millionaires believe that they should be taxed more, then nothing is stopping them from giving more than the baseline amount to the government. Whatever they believe is a “fair” amount, they can pay that, and then be on their merry way. If they are as “patriotic” as Sanders touts them to be, then why not just give more money of their own accord? Why do they feel the need to dictate what others must do with their money as well as theirs?


Not every millionaire believes as these gentlemen, or Sanders, do about who should be in control in regards to their own coffers. Judging by Sanders’ cash-laden life, he doesn’t even seem to believe as these “patriotic” millionaires do himself.

It seems to me that this video is a socialist attempting to virtue signal. If Sanders and his millionaire friends believe in patriotism, then they would do well to leave the principles of America intact. Promote freedom, allow individual success, and don’t steal. Sanders and his friends seem to be dismissing all of these.

Some patriots.


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